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Virginia library Pride celebration invites ‘preschoolers, babies and toddlers’ to drag queen story hour

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The Fairfax Public Library in Virginia seems to believe the family that is “woke” together stays together as they directed their outrageous “Drag StoryBook Hour” at “school-age children,” “preschoolers,” and “babies and toddlers.”

Yes. You read that correctly: Babies and toddlers.

The event was sponsored by the Fairfax Democrats, allegedly in response to homophobic comments made by one of the Library Board members.

The Fairfax Republican Party was obviously disgusted by the stunt scheduled for Saturday, June 26.

The drag queen story hour wasn’t the end of the government-funded library’s Pride month festivities.

On Monday evening, they plan to wrap up their celebration with a virtual “Rainbow Families Storytime,” which is also geared to a shockingly young crowd of diaper-aged kids as young as 2 years old and specifically listed the intended audience as “preschoolers.”

The Fairfax Public Library was joined by other public institutions in holding Drag Queen Story Hours this month. The Plymouth Public Library, which is located in Massachusetts, hosted a similar event which was advertised for children as young as 3 years old.

The drag queen reading stories at the Plymouth Public Library was Drag Queen JP, who apparently appears in the video linked in a tweet (at least if you are willing to click past all of the sensitive content warnings) singing graphic lyrics and dancing in the shower while smearing a sticky white substance all over himself.

While some on the left may want to expose their children to this type of personality, rational people do not. This is likely the reason protesters gathered at the Plymouth event, one of whom had a sign that read, “Stop experimenting with our children.”

“The idea to bring drag queens down, that are adult entertainers, to talk to children about transgender is completely inappropriate,” said one protester according to WHDH-TV.ย “I wouldn’t be able to take my kids to a drag show.”

Drag Queen Story hours started on the West Coast but have spread across the nation specifically targeting young malleable minds with their leftist propaganda that fails to recognize that many people believe God only created two genders. The books used during this type of event tend to be those that focus on gender identity and same-sex relationships.

Ashley Hill


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