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Mark Meadows certain Ron DeSantis would not go up against Trump for president in 2024

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The United States is more than three years out from the 2024 Presidential Election, but that has not stopped speculation on who will emerge as a top contender and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become a subject of the chatter.

This week, however, Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said that DeSantis will refrain from running in 2024 if President Trump announces he will run again. 

“I think Ron DeSantis is identified across the country now for the courage that he shows for conservative solutions, and he would be the first to say that if President Trump gets in, that he would win the nomination and would clear the field, and so I don’t ever see it being a 2016 primary scenario,” Meadows told The Washington Examiner

Meadows pointed out that DeSantis has yet to commit to running, despite the countless times he has been asked.  

“His answer has been consistent. He is running for reelection for governor of the state that not only he loves, but one that is, quite frankly, well-run because of his leadership,” Meadows said. 

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an annual meeting of lawmakers, conservative leaders, and idealogues polled attendees at their February meeting and found that 55 percent of attendees favored Trump and 22 percent favored a DeSantis run. 

At the more recent Western Conservative Summit held the third weekend of June, DeSantis beat Trump by a slim margin in a poll asking attendees who they “approved” of as a candidate in 2024. 

 74.12 percent said they “approved” of DeSantis and 71.43 percent supported Trump. However, voters were able to select more than one candidate. 

Sen. Ted Cruz came in third with 42.86 percent and former CIA Director Mike Pompeo fourth at 39.35 percent.


DeSantis may have eked out a majority in one poll, however, a USA Today poll shows that Trump still has a strong grip on the Republican Party and his base.

46 percent of Republican voters said they were willing to switch parties if Trump abandoned the GOP for his own party. 60 percent of voters favored a Trump run in 2024, 76 percent would support his nomination in the GOP primary and 85 percent would vote for him in the general election.

Thus far, Former President Trump has remained remarkably non-committal when teasing a future announcement, but continues to remain the presumed head of the conservative party. He frequently releases press statements on news of the day or Biden administration policy and has a hand in endorsing Congressional candidates ahead of the 2022 races. 

If Trump does announce a 2024 run, it is unclear whether he would invite former Vice President Mike Pence to join his ticket.

Trump himself said that it was “too early” to say whether the former VP would reprise his role as a running mate after Pence’s decision to ignore Trump’s appeal for a recount of electoral ballots in states with reports of voter fraud.

One clue that appears to hint at a future run is the former President’s reprisal of his “Make America Great Again” rallies, the first one slated for June 26th in Ohio. 

Meadows told the Examiner not to  “anticipate the announcement … in the next 30 to 60 days.”

Kay Apfel


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