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Troubling footage shows Houston mom try to shoot neighbor’s puppy, but hits her 5-yr-old son

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A Houston mom who allegedly opened fire on a neighbor’s loose dog accidentally shot her five-year-old son who was hit by a ricocheting bullet, according to authorities.

First responders transported the child, who was reportedly wounded in the stomach, to a local hospital where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Thankfully, he is in stable condition and is expected to be okay.

The mom, identified by multiple media outlets as Angelia Mia Vargas, 24, was bike riding with her family when she allegedly fired three rounds from a small caliber pistol at the puppy, who was running across the street towards them in the incident that was partially captured on Ring video.

She is charged with the crime of deadly conduct, which appears to be a third-degree felony under Texas law under these circumstances. She is out on bond after being processed. The police investigation is ongoing.

“Following conversations with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Vargas was arrested by HPD officers and was charged because she fired across a ‘public roadway and in the direction of two occupied houses,'” Newsweek reported.

The owner of Bruno, a six-month-old Boxer, who says he opened the front door just slightly because he thought his brother had arrived at the home and the dog bolted out, later received a misdemeanor citation for an unleashed dog.

The pup was allegedly grazed on the leg by a bullet but was otherwise unharmed.

Watch the disturbing Ring doorbell video embedded below as shared on social media by ABC 13 Houston depicting the owner trying to call the puppy back inside when there is the sound of gunshots and some screaming.

“I feel bad because what happened to the little boy. You know, I just heard everybody screaming and yelling and guns. I went inside,” the owner told KTRK, ABC 13.

“She could have handled it differently. You know, she was there, her husband was there, I was there; nothing would have happened. Nothing bad like that,” the owner added.

He also told the news outlet that he has experienced nightmares following the north Houston incident that occurred on Saturday afternoon, May 29, but is just now surfacing in the media.

Watch a report on the incident from that aired on ABC 7:

As this is a developing story, check back for any updates that may emerge.

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