Teachers’ union group mercilessly mocked for ‘Game of Thrones’ tweet with ‘stolen valor-type vibe’

The Arizona Education Association-Retired received quite the wake-up call when they posted a fiery scene from “Game of Thrones” to celebrate the end of the school year. This didn’t sit well with a lot of people who saw teacher’s unions lobby to keep schooling online and actively prevent students from being able to attend in-person classes.

One user noted several news stories about Arizona teachers going to great lengths to avoid getting back into the classroom, even going so far as to pen their own “obituaries” to guilt the governor into not reopening schools:

Other Twitter denizens argued that there are occupations that had a far harder time coping with this pandemic:

One man even used an alternative Game of Thrones scene to explain how teachers’ unions really behaved:

Townhall Senior Editor Matt Vespa compared the tweet to “stolen valor” among military members:

Perhaps this tweet went over so badly because, in May, American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten admitted that the Centers for Disease Control had “asked for language” regarding the opening of schools. She brushed off the action as “normal rulemaking” that apparently was so standard that it happened under every administration with the exception of the previous Trump administration.

This is what every administration used to do,” she said. “The problem with the last administration is that they didn’t do it.”

It is no secret that teachers’ unions have been largely against reopening in-person classes, citing teacher and student health risks as the main reason for their opposition. Teachers around the country pulled various stunts to make sure they wouldn’t be forced back on campus until they decided they were ready, which kept a lot of students out of school for an entire school year. Corey DeAngelis documented the refusals over the months:

It’s no surprise that, given this level of resistance to doing their jobs, so many people oppose teachers patting themselves on the back after this year.


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