‘This is beyond evil’: Candace Owens tweets video of young woman mocking abortion, calls for prayers

Candace Owens tweeted a heartbreaking video from a young woman on social media, leading Owens and many others to question where we are as a society.

The video, shared by the conservative author and activist Friday, opened with a young woman sobbing to the camera.

“Oh my God, guys, I’m freaking out,” she cried as she reached for a pregnancy test that she held up to the camera, showing what appeared to be a positive test.

“What am I going to do?” the girl fretted as she seemed to break down crying, covering her mouth for dramatic effect.

Then she abruptly stopped crying.

“Just kidding!” she laughed, “I already scheduled the appointment.”

The girl tossed the pregnancy test over her shoulder before erupting into a cackle and reaching for what looked like a bottle of champagne, proceeding to pour herself a huge glass.

“I am what conservatives fear!” the young girl mockingly proclaimed as her eyes widened and the champagne continued to glug into her wine glass.

The crude young woman who goes by the TikTok handle @elle_em-Gee, then cackled once more and tossed back some champagne.

“F**K that shit,” she appeared to say as she reached to turn the video camera off.


Owens tweeted, “This honestly just breaks my heart. If people can’t see the demonic nature of the Left teaching children to mock killing an unborn child for social media likes, then we as a society are completely lost. Pray for this girl. Pray for the unborn.”

The tweets in response to the heartbreaking video overwhelmingly showed similar alarm and sadness.

Even pro-choice advocates thought the video was wrong.

Despite this disturbing video that mocks killing a baby, the fight for the rights of unborn children is not over. Earlier this month, the Supreme Court announced that it will hear a case that directly challenges aspects of Roe v. Wade which sent liberals into a tizzy, warning that “reproductive rights are in danger.”

Ashley Hill


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