‘Slow news today?’ CNN beclowns itself with scoop on non-kosher eating habits of ‘ancient Judeans’

CNN is getting roasted for posting a big “scoop” on its website that ancient Judeans didn’t always follow kosher dietary laws and consumed seafood that is prohibited in the Bible.

Researchers in a newly published study examined fish bones from 30 archeological sites in Israel and Egypt, including in Jerusalem, and determined that people sometimes consumed fish such as catfish and shark during the Late Bronze Age through the Byzantine era.

Leviticus and Deuteronomy, two of the five books of the Torah, state that only fish with fins and scales can be eaten in compliance with Jewish tradition.

“As a result, say the study authors, their findings call for a rethink of the assumption that long-held traditions were the basis for the food laws as described in the Torah,” CNN explained. Researchers “wanted to use archeology to pinpoint the exact time when ancient Judeans became aware of the Torah and started to observe it in everyday life.”

The study was published in Tel Aviv University archeological journal. It’s an interesting development for those involved in learning more about ancient cultures and/or biblical history, religious scholarship, and other related fields and interests.

The question remains, as it were, as to why CNN concluded that this would drive traffic to its website, especially when its TV ratings are already suffering in the day-to-day absence of its “supervillain” Donald Trump.

CNN has reportedly lost nearly 70 percent of its viewers since President Trump left office in January.

Twitter also is wondering what CNN — which may have to change its slogan from “the most trusted name in news” to most irrelevant — had in mind by publishing this story, whether it was agenda-driven or otherwise, especially with all the important events occurring domestically and around the world, including in modern-day Israel.

Here is a sampling: (** Language warning)

Robert Jonathan


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