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Teachers union boss wrecked for saying we must ‘repair and nourish’ tired, exhausted teachers

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American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten drew considerable scorn on social media over the weekend, after appearing on MSNBC to say teachers have been overburdened during the pandemic.

Keep in mind that in many parts of the country — see Democrat-run areas — schools are still closed or limited to minimal in-person education.

“Teachers are tired; they are exhausted. We have to find a way to repair and nourish them as well as families in terms of attracting and retaining our teaching force,” the union boss said.

The AFT highlighted Weingarten’s MSNBC appearance in a series of tweets replete with spelling and grammar mistakes, to include this doozy:

Weingarten has gone on the record to say she favors schools reopening in the fall, however, she keeps talking about ensuring a “safe” environment — children make up the least at-risk demographic when it comes to COVID-19, and there’s little scientific evidence suggesting that they transmit the virus.

On Friday, she called on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to release additional safety guidelines for schools and teachers in preparation for reopening in the fall.

“In the fall we have to first and foremost create a safe and welcoming environment,” Weingarten said

She also advocated for the continued wearing of masks in school for children.

“In elementary schools, until we have the vaccines, it seems like unfortunately, we’re going to have to still keep wearing our masks and be physically distant so that we don’t have outbreaks,” Weingarten said.

And while she makes no bones about wanting to see children under 12 vaccinated — the Food and Drug Administration has approved kids ages 12-17 — parents responded to the latest news with outrage and scorn.

One social media user noted that his children go to school in Oregon and that they “are getting 2 hours twice a week in person. When it was Zoom it was 2 hours 4 days a week.”

“They must be so exhausted. I hope the teachers are ok,” he added.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg… here’s a sampling of other responses to the story from Twitter:

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