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‘Woke’ mother posts TikTok video on how she’ll ensure her white male infant doesn’t turn out ‘awful’

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In what perhaps might give alternative meanings to the terms home schooling or early intervention, a woman took to TikTok to identify the picture books that she’s apparently going to read to her infant son so that the purported future feminist won’t wind up as an “awful” white male.

“As you can see, my son is a white male. So here are some books that I bought to help prevent him from growing up to be awful,” the mom, who identifies as Sarah, publicly explains — with the equivocal uptalk inflection at the end of the sentence — about her purported parenting plan that some might infer is a possible form of racial profiling.

Among the books discussed in the viral video include “C is for Consent,” “Will Ladybug Hug?,” and “Only for Me,” which generally revolve around the same theme.

Since Sarah intends to raise the child as a feminist, she also plans to share with him a book about 23 inspirational women, along with another book that encourages the entire family to accept responsibility for cleaning the home.

“Finally, we have ‘Except When They Don’t,’ a book about boys and girls liking whatever they want, regardless of their gender,” Sarah concludes on the TikTok video.

Even though some commenters expressed a belief that the books are relatively benign, the mom’s seemingly woke indoctrination project for baby Bennett received anything but a resounding endorsement on Twitter.

Here is a representative sampling:

Entirely separately from the above, another apparently “woke” revelation on TikTok that went viral a few weeks ago, a woman claimed that eating meat is a racist and anti-Semitic act.

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