Biden WH hosts ‘undocumented Americans’ while FBI warns fake vaccination cards mean jail time

The hypocritical irony of the left to selectively choose which laws to follow has comical, yet utterly disturbing implications in Biden’s America.

Apparently, people can flagrantly disregard immigration laws but must toe the line when it comes to a piece of paper.

President Joe Biden proclaimed Friday that he wanted to legalize the millions of illegal aliens in the country. The constant push for illegals appears to be an importation of leftist voters. It’s possible that Biden is desperate for a new voter base because he knows that conservatives will be watching the next election like hawks and actual voter fraud will be more difficult.

House Oversight Democrats tweeted that Biden would be meeting with DACA recipients “to highlight one of the administration’s highest priorities: immigration reform.”

“Congress must follow suit and ensure the protection of undocumented #Dreamers. Let’s get this done,” the tweet read.

As if he needed to prove his support for lawbreakers, Biden met with six “undocumented Americans” in the Oval Office on Friday.

The six invitees were part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, commonly known as DACA. The illegal aliens who take part in this program are sometimes referred to as “Dreamers.”

One of the guests, Astau Thiane, apparently came to the United States when she was 7 years old but only found out she was an illegal immigrant when she tried to apply for college.

In what appears to be part of the Biden administration’s “plan” for the border crisis, Biden has expressed support for two bills that would create a path to citizenship for DACA participants such as Thiane as well as farmworkers.

Unlike her undocumented legal status in this country, attendee Maria Praeli documented the trip on Twitter with several photos and the hashtag “#WeAreHome.” The photo below was snapped just outside of the West Wing.

Praeli’s statement didn’t go unnoticed. While liberals typically get tangled in their words when using Orwellian Newspeak, the Twitter crowd spotted Praeli’s contradictory use of the term “undocumented Americans” immediately with one user noting that, “if you’re undocumented, you’re NOT an American.”

Funny they mentioned documents…One user reacted to the White House DACA visit and noted that it happened “while the FBI tells people they’ll go to jail for a fake vaccine card.”

There may be a silver lining in the mixed signals about which laws will be implemented with draconian force and which will be utterly disregarded.  For those who question the efficacy of what seems to be a forced vaccination…

Use liberal language to your advantage.

Ashley Hill


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