Bill de Blasio stuffs his face in show & tell presser: ‘I have never been so repulsed’

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In an attempt to convince New York City residents to obtain the coronavirus vaccine, Mayor Bill de Blasio stuffed his mouth full of fast food during a briefing Thursday morning.

The “repulsive” performance was part of a joint promotion between the city and the fast food restaurant Shake Shack.

“I got vaccinated. You’re saying I could get this? These delicious fries?” the mayor said during the briefing as he pulled out some Shake Shack fries and began eating them while speaking.

“Wait a minute — but there’s also a burger element to this? Let me check with Bill Neidhardt. Is it too early in the day to eat a burger? No? This could be breakfast?” he added as he pulled out a burger and asked his press secretary for permission to eat it for breakfast.

Once he received approval — it’s not clear why he needed approval — he then bit into the burger while still speaking.

“I want you to look at this and think about — again, some people love hamburgers, some don’t, I really want to respect all ways of life — but if this is appealing to you, just think of this when you think of vaccination,” he said.


Quite a performance …

According to CBS News, the promotion specifically entitles anyone who receives a coronavirus vaccination through a local vaccine clinic to a voucher for free fries or a burger from Shake Shack.

The promotion, reportedly slated to run until June 12th, also allows residents equipped with a vaccination card to add free fries to any burger/sandwich order.

The question now is whether the promotion will have the intended effect. The problem is that de Blasio’s tableside manners — or the lack thereof, rather — didn’t do him any favors.



Critics also slammed him for promoting the vaccine using fast food versus healthy food. It matters because fast food is associated with obesity, and obesity is associated with the worst outcomes, including death, for those who contract the coronavirus.

One far-left critic even accused the mayor of “narcissistic manipulation.”


Nature magazine noted last year the coronavirus vaccine may not be as effective in the obese, which is a major concern given that their risk of facing life-threatening complications is among the highest.

“Obesity can cause chronic, low-grade inflammation, which is thought to contribute to the increased risk of conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. As a result, people who are obese might have higher levels of a variety of immune-regulating proteins, including cytokines,” the magazine noted.

And that’s an issue because the “immune responses unleashed by cytokines can … weaken some immune responses, including those launched by T cells, which can directly kill infected cells.”

Plus, de Blasio was an avid supporter of former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on large soda drinks and even tried in 2014 to revive the ban after a federal court overturned it.

“Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration is exploring new ways to regulate the size of large sugary drinks in New York City, holding high-level meetings behind closed doors with health advocates and beverage industry executives,” The Wall Street Journal reported at the time.

In a statement, the mayor’s then-spokesperson, Phil Walzak, bluntly said, “Mayor de Blasio has made clear he supports a ban on large sugary drinks.”

But apparently, he’s OK with doling out free fries and burgers …

Vivek Saxena


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