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Brawl breaks out at gas pump in NC amid fuel shortage, prices hit 7 yr. high

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A co-ed brawl broke out between two motorists at a North Carolina gas station amidst a gas shortage that has raised consumer tensions generally.

The Tuesday afternoon saliva-fueled scuffle at a Marathon services station in Knightdale, N.C., near Raleigh, was caught on video and uploaded to Instagram, where it went viral, as these types of encounters typically do when they get to the major online platforms.

According to a witness, the dispute purportedly got its start when a woman allegedly tried to cut the long line of cars at the pumps with her Honda.

When no other motorist would let her into the queue, her vehicle reportedly made contact with the front driver side of an adjacent SUV.

As alluded to above, after an apparent exchange of words, the woman appears to spit on the driver, a man wearing a red shirt, and he gets out of his car and allegedly spits at her to return the favor.

The apparently pumped-up pair then began fighting for short period of time in earnest, with the woman practically tearing off the man’s shirt in the process, while he seems to kick her cell phone across the parking lot.

Police shortly arrived shortly thereafter. According to Charlotte-based WCCB, the female motorist faces a charge of “simple assault and the man has been charged with assault on a female and damage to property.”

They were both cited and released pending a future court appearance.

Watch the video embedded below [Warning for language and NSFW]:


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The cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline (which appears to include ransomware) has prompted long lines of vehicles waiting to fill up in North Carolina and elsewhere and some service stations running out of gas entirely.

The situation, which disrupted about 45 percent of the eastern seaboard’s fuel supply, has been exacerbated by a ripple effect of a certain degree of panic buying and/or hoarding.

Roy Cooper, the governor of North Carolina, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and their counterparts in Georgia and Virginia, have declared a state of emergency while Colonial Pipeline tries to solve its woes, which it says may be resolved by week’s end.

About 25 percent of gas stations in N.C. are reportedly dry, which includes 72 percent in metro Raleigh.

Watch an initial report about the Knightdale altercation from local media:

(Source: WRAL)

Against this backdrop, across the country, average gas prices have reportedly hit a seven-year high at just over $3 a gallon per the American Automobile Association.

According to the AAA, the average gasoline prices around the country was $3.008, and the last time the nation saw a $3 per gallon average was 2014.

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