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Twitter blue checker wishes for Elon Musk to burn to death in a Tesla after SNL ‘white power’ hand gesture

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A freelance writer and editor who has been blue check verified on Twitter wrote on the platform following billionaire Tesla founder Elon Musk’s “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig that she hopes he dies in a fire in one of his vehicles.

Daisy Barringer’s unhinged comments followed her claim that Musk flashed a racist “OK” hand sign during a segment on SNL, which she likened, without evidence, to a white supremacist symbol.

She eventually locked her account after receiving a plethora of blowback from other users.

“Wait. Whaaaaaaaaa… did Elon Musk just … like… aggressively flash the white power sign during the Weekend Update? Please tell me I’m insane. Please. No really. Going to need you to tell me I’m insane,” Barringer wrote initially, according to the Daily Wire, which reviewed the posts online before Barringer made her account private.

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“Listen, usually when I say I hope someone dies in a fire, I’m being hyperbolic. But, like, Tesla’s do burn for four hours straight, so like … I’m not gonna be mad about it,” Barringer added. “I kept watching because I really hoped one of the cast members was going to walk to the front of the stage at the closing and punch him out.”

Barringer was likely referring to SNL’s “Weekly Update” segment where Musk played a “financial expert” who was being grilled to explain how cryptocurrency works.

“Definitely never thought Saturday Night Live would send me into a tornado of existential despair. But here we are. I almost don’t have words but I will say I hope his Tesla catches on fire and he dies. :)” Barringer wrote.

Barringer went on to double down on her claim that the SpaceX CEO was purposefully flashing a white supremacist sign on the venerable late-night weekend sketch show.

“SUPER shocking that the white supremacists are searching Twitter to ‘correct’ people about the never-been-more-obvious Elon Musk white power sign. It’s like … I want to just roll my eyes, but that’s the last thing to do with Nazis,” Barringer wrote.

“Omg the people excusing Elon Musk saying it’s the ‘okay’ symbol. Wow wow wow. I guess they never learned about context,” she noted further. “Why would [he] be saying okay at all, much less forwards and backwards.”

In the week leading up to his hosting gig, reports variously claimed that some SNL cast members were opposed to Musk’s appearance and that they were given the option of sitting out the episode.

“Speaking historically, if a cast member has been that unhappy, they don’t have to do it,” one source told Page Six recently. “[‘SNL’ boss Lorne Michaels] won’t ever make them do anything they don’t want to do.”

Several cast members appeared to voice their displeasure in various ways following SNL’s announcement in April that he would be hosting a show featuring Miley Cyrus as the musical guest.

For instance, in response to a Musk tweet, “Let’s find out just how live ‘Saturday Night Live’ really is,” cast member Bowen Yang clapped back on Instagram: “What the f**k does this even mean.”

Cast member Andrew Dismukes wrote, “Only CEO I wanna do sketch with is Cher-E Oteri,” a reference to former cast member Cheri Oteri.

Meanwhile, Twitter users torched Barringer’s eyebrow-raining comment on Musk and called out the social media platform over its double standards.

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