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Lee Greenwood honored for unrivaled contribution to the USA

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James Golden, aka Bo Snerdley, turned the tables on Grammy award-winner Lee Greenwood as he accepted the “Lee Greenwood Patriot Award”  Friday night on behalf of his late friend and conservative legend Rush Limbaugh.

The event honors military personnel severely injured in the war on terror and raises money for the foundation which is building them homes one hero at a time.  Golden’s speech unexpectedly turned the focus back to the humble singer whose name is on the award.

Golden first spoke of his late friend, “I miss Rush every day of my life.” The crowd erupted into applause over his heartfelt feelings for Limbaugh. “I miss his commentary. I miss his humor. I miss the fun. Most of all, I miss my boss and I miss my friend,” he emotionally remarked, “and this very generous man, who always gave what he could to help members of our military who have sacrificed the most for our freedoms and our liberties.”

He added, “And you are the real heroes tonight… we would have members of the military call in and express their gratitude to Rush and he would sometimes be near tears because he said he didn’t know what to say because you are the heroes. And ladies and gentlemen, those of you who have sacrificed so much for this country who are here in this room tonight, you are America’s heroes, you are America’s pride.”

Golden wrapped his speech by turning to Greenwood with gratitude, “I want to say a word to Lee before I leave. In the almost three centuries of American history, there are four songs… only four. Only four that most Americans call our Americana, our songs.”

“‘My Country ’tis of Thee,’ ‘God Bless America,’ the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’… what’s the fourth one?” Golden asked as members of the audience began to shout the title of Greenwood’s tune.

“Lee Greenwood, you have made history by honoring your country and you’ve given us pride. I thank you for what you do for this country and for so many. Thank you all and God bless you,” Golden said.

Former President Donald J. Trump kicked off the evening by accepting one of five awards in the ballroom of his Mar-a-Lago estate. The other recipients included former football great Jack Brewer, Conservative filmmakers Sam and Kevin Sorbo, and president of the College of the Ozarks Dr. Jerry Davis.

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(Video Credit: Fox News | Lee Greenwood)


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