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Friendly ‘sign war’ erupts when Alabama Chick-fil-A responds to Jewelers’ hilarious jab

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A friendly sign war has broken out in suburban Birmingham, Ala., in a billboard beef between a jewelry store and a nearby Chick-fil-A eatery.

The war of words – or signs – got its start when Jeff Dennis Jewelers in the city of Gardendale opened its new drive-thru window and promoted it with a digital sign outside the shop reading “Our drive-thru is faster than Chick-fil-A’s.”

Owner Jeff Dennis, who is good buddies with Mike Holmes, the fast-food restaurant’s owner, posted the image to Facebook with the playful caption “1, 2,3,4, I declare a sign war.”

Dennis quipped that “I don’t know if he was a willing participant at the time, but I was going to call him ‘a chicken’ if he wasn’t,” CBS 42 reported.


A few days thereafter, Holmes upped the ante on the bling business with a sign that read “Overflow parking located at Jeff Dennis Jewelers,” along with a caption “5,6,7,8…it’s time to retaliate” and with the hashtag #signwars.

The jewelry outlet seemed impressed, noting on Facebook that “they weren’t too chicken to play.”

The next day, the jeweler came up with a new gem, i.e., a revised digital message: “Gold Nuggets are better than chicken nuggets.”


Taking the drive-thru debate to the next level, Chick-fil-A decorated the jewelry store’s front lawn with paper cows and the franchise’s slogan, “Eat More Chikin!”

Not to be outdone, and after a stated temporary ceasefire treaty expired, Dennis posted a sign outside the eatery that read “Buy Mor Diamonds,” with an arrow pointing toward his store. “Chick Fil A, your lawn has never looked better. Yard of the week! It’s My Pleasure!,” the caption above the Facebook image read.


Blake Smith, the marketing director for the Chick-fil-A restaurant in Gardendale who reportedly handled the restaurant’s responses in the friendly feud, told the local media that he’s back to the drawing board as far as what to do next.

All is not lost, however. Mayor Stan Hogeland even presented owner Holmes with an award for the “landscaping.”

The mayor added that “it’s all in fun, and it draws a lot of attention, a lot of positive attention to our community, and our business owners, and it’s really a lot of fun.


Aside from the fact the back and forth in Gardendale was completely good-natured, it is to some degree reminiscent of the feud portrayed on the HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm, when curmudgeon Larry David decided to open a coffee shop next door to the existing cafe operated by his rival “Mocha Joe.”

Robert Jonathan


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