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Wine About It with Erin Elmore – 4/30/21

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There are very few facts in the world: liberals whine and biological men and women are different. Given these indisputabilities, my next “Wine About It” guest had to be Mr. Chris Bedford. He never whines, he’s a brilliant conservative and he’s extremely manly.

As we sipped our We The People red wine and discussed how mask mandates are ruining the world, I couldn’t help but think that Chris was the kind of gentleman who could save it. He hunts, he fishes, he knows a good cocktail. Basically, he’s James Bond, only more Irish looking. Until he gets tapped for the 007 role, you can watch Chris on Fox News and read his book “Art of the Donald”. Additionally, his frequent bouts of literary genius on The Federalist keep you informed.

Click here to watch Wine About It with my special guest Chris Bedford. His take on Vaccine Passports should not be missed.


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