Tucker exposes swampy Frank Luntz and Kevin McCarthy relationship: ‘We didn’t know the half of it’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson dug even further into the relationship between liberal pollster Frank Luntz and GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy who are not only […]

The pro-Trump Republican gunning for Cheney’s leadership job

Jim Banks is the head of the House GOP’s biggest caucus. He’s also earning another unofficial title: shadow chair of the House GOP Conference. The Indiana Republican, […]

McConnell: No Senate Republicans will back Biden on $4T

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said on Monday that he expected no Republicans would support President Biden‘s sweeping infrastructure package, indicating GOP lawmakers are open to a roughly $600 […]

Ron DeSantis governs like a boss, lifts emergency Covid orders with a timely dig at DC Mayor Bowser

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to govern like a boss — or a man with a higher calling — making decisive, fact-based decisions in handling the COVID-19 […]

‘The world is laughing at us’: CIA’s woke recruitment video gets panned

A new CIA recruitment video has been widely ridiculed online after the recruit described herself as an ‘intersectional cisgender millennial’. The unnamed CIA officer, 36, tells viewers […]

Trump celebrates Romney being booed during speech to Utah Republicans: ‘Stone cold loser’

Former President Trump celebrated Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) being booed by a crowd by fellow Republicans at an event last week, calling the senator “a stone cold loser.” “So nice to see […]

Schilling: Joe Biden’s plan for government to replace the family

Terry Schilling, DCNF The American family is in a state of crisis. Nobody in Washington really disagrees with this, Republican or Democrat. Marriage rates are cratering. Birth rates […]

Pro-life group urges SCOTUS to rule parents have a right to know their minor daughter is getting an abortion

Mary Margaret, DCNF A pro-life group is urging the Supreme Court to rule that parents have a right to know if their daughter is getting an abortion. […]

Former Oregon House Speaker Dave Hunt cited in sex trafficking sting

Former Oregon House Speaker and current Clackamas Community College board member Dave Hunt was cited by Portland police in an undercover sex traffic sting operation in April. […]

FBI agents shoot and wound armed man outside CIA headquarters following hours-long standoff

Agents from the FBI have shot a man outside the front gates to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, after he brandished a weapon following an hours-long standoff. Police had originally […]