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Woke mob pounces on former Alabama QB Mac Jones for ‘NOBAMA’ costume from his teens

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Only time will tell if the NFL will join the MLB in the latest round of virtue signaling later this month after an alleged photo surfaced of Mac Jones at age 14, who at least until yesterday was an NFL 1st round draft favorite.

The photo depicts a figure dressed up in a “NOBAMA” costume with dreads.  It was reportedly originally posted by Jones’ sister and, although she later tried to delete it, it’s resurrection created backlash on Twitter.

Some suggested that her deletion of the photo gave more credence to the accusation that it was, in fact, Jones behind the mask.

“Mac Jones’ sister should have just said it was someone else, but alas she deleted the tweet which gave credibility to the fact that it was indeed Mac Jones,” BSO’s Robert Littal wrote.

Michael McCorkle “Mac” Jones is a Florida native and an accomplished college football star who played for the Alabama Crimson Tide as a quarterback.  He has two College Football Playoff National Championships under his belt and was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy in 2020.

After a successful junior year throwing 4,500 yards with four touchdowns and only four interceptions, he decided to enter the 2021 NFL Draft which is scheduled to start on April 29 in Cleveland, OH.

After the photo surfaced, the woke mob on Twitter immediately started hurling accusations of racism:

However, these accusations come on the heels of predictions earlier in the day of a strong draft position for Jones, as “98% of the league believe the 49ers are taking Mac Jones.”

Other Twitter users didn’t take offense at the photo.  Reactions were mixed with some being pumped by the photo, suggesting it made him a more desirable pick, others expressed sadness for him being judged by what he did as a teenager:

Although Jones has had a distinguished college football career thus far, this isn’t the first time his extracurricular activities have been put in the limelight.  In 2017 in Tuscaloosa, Jones was charged with having a fake ID and driving under the influence.  His misdeeds cost him time in jail before being released on a $1,300 bond.

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