FOUL! Wild video shows ref get body-slammed after he slapped a phone out of a spectator’s hands

The ball wasn’t the only ‘slam’ dunk at a recent Indiana girls basketball game after a fight erupted between a referee and a spectator that ended with the referee being body slammed in the middle of the court.

The referee called a technical foul on Baylor just before the end of the first quarter in a game against Indiana Elite at the Pacers Athletic Center in Westfield. Baylor’s coach and players started picking up their things and heading towards the door as seen in video from the event that was shared on social media.

The spectator wearing a neon yellow shirt appeared to be recording the referee’s comments before the referee lashed out at the spectator, high fiving his cell phone right out of his hands.

The spectator lunged back at the referee with a right hook.  Then one of the players half the size of the two men charged towards them and took her turn throwing a punch at the surprised referee.  Obviously, they thought it was the referee’s fault that Baylor was trailing Elite 12-34.


Apparently, youth basketball in Indiana is taking plays out of the hockey playbook because what happened after that was an outright brawl, with another spectator jumping in to be part of the action.  The pint-sized player continued throwing punches, too, as seen in the video.

The scene ended with a perfectly executed judo throw, body slamming the referee as if he was on the losing side of the next Ultimate Fighting Championship match.

The scene dispersed almost as quickly as it happened. Apparently with nothing to loot, the people lost interest.

Twitter went to work rationalizing the situation:

“Yes, it was an unfortunate incident that we had to address this weekend,” Evan Suttner, president of the Pacers Athletic Center told IndyStar.

The Pacers Athletic Center management also issued a statement:

“The event staff removed the involved parties from the remainder of the tournament and will not welcome them back to future events,” they said, according to IndyStar.

Presumably, they are only talking about basketball events as the crowd is clearly ready to throw some punches.

No word on who won the basketball game or the condition of the poor referee’s back.

Ashley Hill


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