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Kamala Harris: Black women in the US are dying from systemic racial inequities and implicit bias

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As part of the White House’s first-ever “Black Maternal Health Week,” Vice President Kamala Harris hosted a roundtable discussion Tuesday to blame the preponderance of black women dying while giving birth on “systemic racial inequities and implicit bias.”

It came a day after President Joe Biden issued a proclamation announcing “Black Maternal Health Week” to draw attention to the fact that black mothers die “from complications related to pregnancy” at higher rates than women of every other race.

In his proclamation, the president blamed this discrepancy on “systemic discrimination” and called for all Americans to ponder this phenomenon by “understanding the consequences of systemic discrimination.”

Harris echoed this rhetoric at the roundtable discussion a day later.

Black women in our country are facing a maternal health crisis. … We know the primary reasons why. Systemic racial inequities and implicit bias,” she said.


She added that a bill she’d drafted as a senator, the Maternal CARE Act, has been included in the president’s latest budget to help address this crisis.

First introduced in 2019, the bill would spend “$30 million for implicit bias training for healthcare providers,” Harris said at Tuesday’s roundtable discussion.

Note that not once during the roundtable discussion Tuesday was any concrete evidence offered to substantiate her and the president’s theory that black women are dying disproportionately during/after childbirth because of racism.

In fact, she readily admitted that more “data” is needed to “figure out what happened.”

“We need to review these cases, when a woman dies in childbirth or shortly thereafter. We need to collect the data. We need to answer the questions by doing the work to figure out what happened, so that we can avoid these tragedies from happening as we go forward,” she said.

But because she and the president already decreed that this is happening because of racism, it seems as if what she really “needs” is data proving their thesis true.

Conversely, it seems extremely likely that she and the president have no interest in considering any data that might debunk this narrative, including data pertaining to black women’s personal decision-making.

Some Twitter users were quick to provide potential examples:

Notice what the latter Twitter user wrote about critical race theory. This destructive, arguably Maoist ideology is the root of implicit bias training.

Implicit bias training teaches that all white people are racist oppressors and all black people are victims — and thus every negative ramification that black people face in their lives (incarceration, death during childbirth, etc.) is due to white people’s racism.

It’s an extremely dangerous ideology that comes with Maoist-like struggle sessions, yet it’s been endorsed fully by the Democrat Party and its media allies.

The irony is that critical race theory itself engenders oppression. For instance, last year then-Sen. Harris argued that, because of the existence of health disparities like the child birth phenomenon, coronavirus pandemic resources should be distributed based on race.


This wound up actually happening in several local communities and almost happening on the national level as well.

“Starting Thursday, Vermont explicitly gave Black adults and people from other minority communities priority status for vaccinations. It follows Montana, which in January announced that Native Americans and other people of color, because they are at higher risk of complications from covid-19, would be allowed to receive the vaccine,” the Kaiser Family Foundation reported on April 5th.

That’s called discrimination. But so long as the discrimination benefits minorities — particularly blacks — it’s perfectly acceptable to those like Harris and Biden who believe without evidence that all disparities stem from racism.

Vivek Saxena


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