‘The Carlson News Network is fired up:’ Jonesing for Trump, Jim Acosta obsesses over Tucker Carlson

The corporate media appears to be having a tough time dealing with the withdrawal symptoms from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Case in point: self-righteous CNN anchor Jim Acosta apparently wants to turn Tucker Carlson into Trump 2.0.

Acosta, the viewership-challenged network’s rude, grandstanding White House correspondent during the Trump administration, seemed triggered because the Fox News Channel host claimed that open-borders Democrats want to create a new constituency for their Big Government agenda.

As part of a montage in the clip embedded below, Carlson specifically underscored that this so-called replacement theory is all about voting rights and nothing to do with race.

Acosta and his compliant, limousine-liberal wingman Brian Stelter, of course, disagreed.

“This is hardly the first time — and I’m not sure why he spells Tucker with just one K sometimes — has been accused of making racist remarks…He’s just a wackjob, that’s all there is to it,” Acosta alleged.


Former CNN senior digital producer Steve Krakauer, now editor of the Fourth Watch media newsletter, responded in a tweet: “The Carlson News Network is fired up again, with a 6-minute segment on Jim Acosta’s show today.”

He also shared the money quotes from Acosta:

Acosta was prompted by an open letter from the Anti-Defamation League to Fox News that “it is time for Carlson to go” because of his above-referenced commentary.

Stelter lamented that Carlson, however, is “invincible” and uncancellable because Tucker Carlson Tonight is a ratings powerhouse.

FNC even recently increased the anchor’s reach with the Tucker Carlson Today on the Fox Nation subscription digital platform.

Acosta and Stelter might be experiencing professional jealously as CNN’s ratings, post-Trump, are in a downward spiral.

Moreover, it seems evident that the institutional left feels threatened by Carlson’s eloquent populist messaging that appeals to a broad cross-section of America.

In response to Acosta’s diatribe, many Twitter users implied that Trump hate might metaphorically be considered a helluva drug. Here is a sampling:

The corporate media also tried to turn U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) into Trump 2.0 in the context of an avatar for negative coverage, but that doesn’t appear to be working, either.

Robert Jonathan


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