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‘Pathetic’ CNN slammed as royal disgrace for piece on Prince Philip’s death labeling him ‘occasionally racist’

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A little over 24 hours after Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh’s death was announced, CNN ran a piece highlighting the late British royal family member’s allegedly “racist” legacy.

In the piece, “journalist” Rob Picheta bemoaned that Philip’s “unscripted, off-the-cuff and sometimes wildly inappropriate comments” — also known as cheeky jokes — were sometimes “occasionally racist” and thus “complicate his legacy.”

To prove his point, the CNN “journalist” solicited a quote from Kehinde Andrews, a left-wing radical and Birmingham City University professor of black studies.

“He was a throwback to old-school racism. Painting him as a benign, cuddly uncle of the nation is simply untrue,” Andrews said to him.

Andrews is an extremely divisive far-left figure who earlier this year called William Churchill a “white supremacist.” As a reminder, Churchill was a British wartime hero who’d been instrumental in defeating Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

Philip too had played a role in defeating Nazism.

“The prince, who died Friday morning at the age of 99, served heroically in the Royal Navy during World War II and was devoted to military causes all his life,” according to Page Six.

Andrews, the man who apparently thinks these two heroes are the true bad guys, also once referred to the entire white race as a “psychosis.”

Despite this man’s radicalism, CNN saw him worthy of being quoted.

The piece in general from CNN provoked a furious response that led to the tweet below being ruthlessly ratioed:

Judging by his Twitter profile, the young “journalist” who wrote it is an avid fan of Meghan Markle, the “woke princess” who recently accused the royal family of being racist without providing any evidence.


It also appears he was nominated for an award earlier this year by GLAAD, a gay rights group that’s currently embroiled in a scandal for smearing Jesse Singal, a high-profile non-establishment journalist who’s written in-depth exposés about transgender ideology:

While most of the criticism has been directed at CNN, some critics did aim their anger directly at Picheta.


Vivek Saxena


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