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Trump says he wrote Biden a letter ‘from the heart’, despite appearing ‘bought and paid for’ by Beijing

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Former President Donald Trump said in an interview Monday that he wrote Joe Biden a warm letter despite a bitterly-contested election and his belief that the then-president-elect is compromised by China.

Speaking to Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe on her debut iHeart Radio podcast, Trump said his words came “from the heart” though he believes that Biden is “bought and paid for” by Beijing.

“Basically I wish him luck and, you know, it was a couple of pages long and it was from the heart because I want to see him do well. Look, he’s there. It was a rigged election, an election that you know, I would never concede and by the way, Hillary Clinton said he should never concede. Hillary Clinton, the things she said were so horrible,” Trump told Boothe.

“But you know what, he’s there, and I want him to do well, but that doesn’t include closing up the Keystone Pipeline, which by the way, environmentally is much better than having them on trains, but his friend and supporter Warren Buffett has trains. Nobody ever talks about that,” Trump added.

On his first day in office, Biden said that Trump left him a “very generous letter” even though the outgoing president did not come to Biden’s inauguration but instead flew home to Florida and held a rally.

Most of the interview involved Trump ripping Biden for reversing many of his policies and programs including those pertaining to immigration enforcement and border security, as the current administration is dealing with a new migrant crisis.

Boothe said that Biden’s oil and energy policies will “send [American] jobs back to China” before asking the former president if he thinks “the Bidens [are] bought and paid for by China.”

“Yes, but beyond bought and paid for, this is not what he campaigned on,” Trump said. “He never thought — this is more radical what he’s doing. And I don’t even think it’s him. I think it’s the cabal. This is more radical than anything that he campaigned on. But this is more radical than Bernie Sanders.”

During last year’s campaign season, Trump said China would “own” Biden if he won the presidency in large part because of his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Chinese interests.

As of February, Hunter Biden still had a 10-percent share in an investment fund that is controlled by state-owned interests in China. The fund was established less than two weeks after Hunter Biden traveled with his then-vice president father on Air Force Two during a December 2013 trip to China.

As the New York Post reported, according to a 2017 email found on the hard drive of a laptop that belonged to Hunter Biden, 10 percent of a deal with a Chinese energy conglomerate was to be set aside for “the big guy,” but it fell through. Former Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski later said in an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that the “big guy” was Joe Biden.

Bobulinski is the former CEO of SinoHawk Holdings, a partnership between CEFC China Energy Chairman Ye Jianming and Biden’s son and brother, Jim Biden. He told Carlson in the October interview that Joe Biden was “lying” when he said in a debate with Trump that he had no knowledge of son Hunter’s business dealings.

“When he states that, that is a blatant lie,” Bobulinski said.

Jon Dougherty


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