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New children’s book on Fauci’s life announced and Twitter has thoughts

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The cult-like media worship of celebrity physician Anthony Fauci has perhaps reached next-level proportions with the announcement of an upcoming children’s book about his life. Twitter users apparently aren’t buying into the hype this time, however.

Publisher Simon & Schuster describes “Dr. Fauci: How a Boy from Brooklyn Became America’s Doctor” as “the definitive picture book biography” of the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (and chief medical advisor to Biden) who is “one of the most crucial figures in the COV-19 pandemic.”

Since the goal-posts-moving Fauci seems to spend most of his time on TV talking about COVID rather than looking through a microscope or studying data about COVID, let alone treating patients, the appellation ‘America’s doctor’ might seem like a stretch. Fauci has been a federal government employee for approximately 50 years.

“Extensive backmatter rounds out Dr. Fauci’s story with a timeline, recommended reading, a full spread of facts about vaccines and how they work, and Dr. Fauci’s own tips for future scientists,” the summary added.

It’s unlikely that U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) or another Republican will purchase the book, which is already available for pre-order in advance of its June 29 release.

During a recent contentious exchange during a Capitol Hill hearing, Paul, an ophthalmologist, suggested Fauci was participating in “theater” by wearing two masks after having been vaccinated. A side note: At the beginning of the pandemic, Fauci publicly discouraged Americans from wearing masks. Based on a recent focus group conducted by Frank Luntz, Fauci, moreover, apparently has zero credibility with Trump voters.

The publisher claims that the book. whose cover art is already being shared on social media, will offer an “engaging narrative,” that will draw upon the author’s interviews with (of course) Dr. Fauci.

CNN’s Brian Stelter seemed pretty excited about the tome, and he accidentally stumbled into the truth when he said — in a clip that was tweeted out by the book’s author — “that tells you something about the media when Fauci gets his own children’s book.”

Based on the derisive reaction from Twitter, the book may fall short of the best-seller list. Here is a sampling:


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