Lauren Chen: Now that we’re all talking anti-Asian prejudice, let’s tackle school admission policies?

Many on the left, which is quick to politicize any event no matter the divisive ramifications, appear to be blaming the horrific Atlanta-area massage parlor shootings on systemic racism in America, particularly given the reported disturbing surge in hate crimes against Asian Americans in the past year or so.

Although there is no equivalent to an act of deadly violence, pundit and BlazeTV host Lauren Chen separately provided a reminder that social justice advocates, with their perhaps new-found solidarity with the Asian-American community, have seldom, if ever, been in the forefront of questioning institutionalized discrimination in academia against them.

“Hey, so now that we’re all on board with stopping anti-Asian prejudice, how about you guys stop penalizing us in admissions processes because we’re too academically successful? Thanks,” Chen wrote on Twitter.

“No joke, I was too nervous to put down that I was white OR Asian on my admissions applications because I knew it would hurt me, so I just put ‘other,'” she added.

So far, authorities apparently don’t believe that the suspect was motivated by racial animus.  “He apparently has an issue, what he considers a sex addiction, and sees these locations as … a temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate,” explained Capt. Jay Baker of the Cherokee County, Ga., Sheriff’s Office about the suspect who is in custody. Obviously, additional facts could emerge that change the current assessment.

MSNBC was quick to attribute the rhetoric of President Trump, Republicans, and Trump supporters for what happened in Atlanta.

Again, while there is no parallel with physical hate crimes, MSNBC omitted mentioning, however, that the Biden Justice Department dropped a lawsuit  against Yale University that alleged discrimination against white and Asian applicants that was filed by the Trump administration.

Meanwhile, Chen’s viewpoint generated a lot of support on social media. Here is a sampling:

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