‘He started running towards me’: Mom who defended family with firearm blasts Dem gun control bills

A mother who shot an intruder six years ago and then held him at gunpoint until police arrive lambasted Democrats on Thursday following the passage of two new gun control bills critics say will make it more difficult to buy a firearm.

One measure, which passed by a 227-203 margin, expands background checks to purchases of firearms via the internet, gun shows, and even some personal transactions. Eight Republicans joined majority Democrats in voting for the bill, while one Democrat voted against the measure.

The second bill gives federal authorities 10 business days instead of three to allow for extended background checks before sales will be permitted. That measure passed 219-210 with two Republicans supporting, Reuters reported.

In an interview with Fox News’s Laura Ingraham, April Evans, who is also a member of the National Rifle Association, criticized the legislation as she explained her act of defending herself and her daughter.

(Source: Fox News)

“We were just going about our night — my husband is a police officer and he works night shifts,” Evans began, noting he was on duty the night in question.

Evans said she heard someone banging on her front door and when she went to see who it was, she did not recognize the man outside. She said that it became apparent he was going to try to break in so she quickly decided to act.

“I had a plan in place,” she said, which was “to call 911 and go get our gun from the bedroom.”

Continuing, Evans said while she was retrieving her firearm, “I heard a crash.” Believing the man had entered the house through a door leading to the garage, she recalled meeting him face to face in a hallway that led to the bedroom.

“He was standing there looking at me, and then he just started running towards me, so I fired,” she said. “He still kept coming, so I fired again, and that time he hit the ground.”

Ingraham responded by praising Evans for her firearms preparedness before playing a clip of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in which she said that the new gun control measures are for “our children, our children, our children.”

“There is…nobody in Congress whose political survival is more important than the survival of our children,” Pelosi intoned.

After Ingraham asked Evans for her reaction, the mother noted, “My child wouldn’t be alive today, I firmly believe, if I had not had my gun to protect us.

“She’s been around guns her whole life,” Evans said in reference to her daughter. “She knows about gun safety, we taught her from a very early age… She’s not in any danger. She knows what a gun is, she knows what a gun can do, and she knows to stay away from it. And if she has questions, she finds an adult and asks the questions.”

Evans went on to stress the importance of gun “training in order to keep a safe environment.”

“Taking guns away from someone like myself who, my husband works night shift and it’s just me and her alone — how does that keep anybody safe?” Evans maintained. “We both would have been dead, I’m sure.”

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