Jesse Kelly: ‘Joe Biden’s crumbling faster than Democrats thought’

The First TV’s Jesse Kelly speculated during his Wednesday program that President Joe Biden “crumbled faster than Democrats thought,” which is hampering the party’s ability to ram through controversial amnesty legislation.

Kelly made his observation in the context of the Biden administration’s struggle to contain the escalating crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border as thousands of migrants stream across daily and surrender to immigration agents in the hopes they will then be released into the country.

“I believe he crumbled faster than Democrats thought he was going to crumble under the pressure of the job, and that’s even with the heavily, heavily protected schedule he’s been under,” Kelly said during his opening segment.

“You know you hardly ever see the guy. If you do it’s very controlled, once every couple of days,” Kelly continued. “I believe Joe Biden is deteriorating faster than Democrats ever imagined, and it’s torpedoing their amnesty plans.”

The host then played a clip of Biden’s visit to a Washington, D.C., small business earlier this week in which he barely interacted and was shielded from the media as handlers ushered reporters out as they began shouting questions including some regarding the escalating situation at the border with migrant children.

“How’s he doing?” Kelly said after playing the clip, doing an imitation of the president’s interaction. “How’s he doing? You see it. You have eyes, you see it. Lost every day. And because he’s so lost.”

The host went on to explain that because of Biden’s alleged cognitive decline, Democrats and the Washington media are having a difficult time “covering for him” regarding the border crisis.

And though most media support the Democrats’ amnesty plans, Kelly said, they still have “egos” and as such, are wanting more access to Biden so he can explain what is happening – especially with migrant children who are currently being stuffed into overcrowded facilities and transported to cities around the country.

“There’s no covering up what’s happening on the border,” he said. “What’s happening on the border is because of Democrat open-border rhetoric. We are being flooded — flooded — overrun by illegal immigrants. And the reason the system can’t contain that truth is they have so many illegal immigrants on the border, they’re now being pushed into American cities.”

As more migrants are moved into communities, Kelly said, Americans are increasingly asking questions about where they’re coming from, making it even more difficult to cover up the border situation — all of which is leading the media to “demand some answers.”

“‘How are these kids being held? Where are these kids being held?’” Kelly asked rhetorically. “‘How long are they going to be held for? How long is this crisis going to last?’

“You don’t have a man — I don’t think they foresaw this — at the top who can withstand that kind of questioning,” the host continued. “And the media, yes, they’re all communist hacks too, but they still have egos, they demand access…and they’re not getting access.”

“I think it’s crumbling faster than they thought, and this border crisis — if these D.C. reporters don’t start getting answers, this border crisis, it might overwhelm them,” Kelly added. 

“Now that amnesty push becomes harder to sell. It’s one thing if things are fairly controlled down there on the border,” he said. “If you’re being overrun and overrun…and then you bring up amnesty, that’s the kind of thing that loses you midterm elections.”

Jon Dougherty


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