AOC gives Biden a slap on the wrist for reopening child migrant facility: ‘This is not okay’

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New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, known for falsely accusing former President Donald Trump of housing illegal aliens in “concentration camps,” is now aiming similar criticism at the Biden administration, albeit with far less incendiary language.

In tweets posted Tuesday evening, the Democrat congresswoman and “squad” leader said the administration’s detention of illegal alien children “is not okay,” though she stopped short of screeching about “concentration camps.”

The criticism came after The Washington Post published a veritable puff piece Monday about a Trump era “camp” for illegal alien children that’s been reopened by the Biden administration because of the flood of illegal aliens pouring across the border.

View the congresswoman’s tweets below:

“The emergency facility — a vestige of the Trump administration that was open for only a month in summer 2019 — is being reactivated to hold up to 700 children ages 13 to 17. … [T]he number of unaccompanied children crossing the border has been inching up, with January reporting the highest total — more than 5,700 apprehensions — for that month in recent years,” the Post reported.

The Post spent the remainder of the piece describing the camp, which is comprised of a bunch of large trailers, with some of the most complimentary words seen in years.

“The most colorful trailer is at the entryway, where flowers, butterflies and handmade posters still hang on its walls from Carrizo’s first opening in 2019,” one sentence reads.

Take a look at one of the fun, little trailers below:

Do those trailers look fun and cozy to you?

Now contrast how the Post portrayed the same facility during the Trump administration:

This attempt by the media, to portray in positive terms a facility that they’d had previously disparaged, clearly didn’t pass Ocasio-Cortez’s smell test. But does she actually deserve credit for calling out the Biden administration?

A slew of critics say the answer is no, with one describing the congresswoman’s complaints as just “a slap on the wrist” compared to what she’d said about the Trump administration.


The criticism is based on the hyperbolic way that the congresswoman had reacted to the media’s reports about the Trump administration’s facilities years earlier.

Here’s a reminder of what that looked like:

Also at issue is her desire for the Department of Homeland Security to be eliminated. Like other Democrats, she’s been screeching nonstop about an alleged epidemic of domestic terrorism, yet here she is calling for the elimination of the agency responsible for protecting Americans from the threat of terrorism.

It’s almost as if she isn’t sincere in her concerns about alleged domestic terrorism and has been spouting incendiary rhetoric for political purposes alone.

Fellow “squad” member Rep. Ilhan Omar is also facing criticism over her relatively soft complaints about the Biden administration.


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