Marc Lamont Hill: BLM’s goal is to ‘dismantle the Zionist project’, embrace BDS

Activist Marc Lamont Hill, who has previously called for the eradication of Israel, told Democratic Socialists of America in a virtual discussion that Black Lives Matter solidly […]

Dem lawmaker heartless over small business-killing $15 wage: ‘We don’t want low-wage businesses’

Rep. Ro Khanna took the progressive left’s insistence on dictating what a business should pay unskilled labor to a whole new dimension on Sunday when the California […]

Police slogan ‘being offensive is an offence’ prompts huge backlash

The woke police/thought police and the actual police perhaps became indistinguishable over the weekend as many U.K. residents saw it, prompting an apology from a law enforcement […]

Critical race theory whistleblower quits, will sue: You can’t shame people based on skin color

The soft-spoken, lifelong liberal who revealed the “toxic” political correctness ideology run amuck at Smith College has decided to quit her job and pursue remedies in court. […]

Don’t let the Ninth Circuit hijack the Google antitrust suit

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Google recently requested that the blockbuster December antitrust suit filed by ten states in response to its “illegal” and “monopolistic” […]

McDonalds torched for adding social justice to menu as a hiring priority: ‘How is this not racist?’

Affirmative action is back in vogue at McDonald’s as the fast food chain has vowed to “change the face of leadership.” Under the leadership of President and […]

Gaetz: Establishment GOP working hard to take party away from Trump-inspired ‘America First wing’

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz said Sunday that the GOP was now solidly a pro-President Donald Trump party, and that rank-and-file voters have no interest in going […]

Schumer politicizes deadly ice storm, mocks Texas: ‘Hope they learned a lesson’

Dozens of deaths have been tied to last week’s ice storm in Texas, and experts expect the death toll to go much higher. And while it may […]

Missouri county authorizes sheriff to arrest feds who try to enforce new gun laws violating second amend

Commissioners in a southwestern Missouri county have passed an ordinance that authorizes the sheriff to arrest any federal agents who try to enforce new gun laws or […]

Fmr. Florida cop arrested by FBI over live-streaming from inside Capitol during riot

A former North Miami Beach police officer has been arrested for taking part in the riot at the U.S. Capitol Building last month, during which he live-streamed […]

CNN’s Jake Tapper gets into Twitter spat with DC teachers’ union over COVID ‘grim milestone’

In a somewhat confusing tweet on Monday, CNN’s Jake Tapper hit back at the executive director of the DC teachers’ union, Terence Ngwa, supposedly for his response […]

NBC News blasted after strangely smearing DeSantis’ move to prioritize seniors, Holocaust survivors for vaccine

NBC News ran a truly strange hit piece against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for putting seniors, veterans, and Holocaust survivors at the head of the line for […]

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