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Karl Rove: Georgia GOP may not have to worry about Stacey Abrams – ‘I think she’s running for president’

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Republicans in Georgia believe Stacey Abrams will capitalize on her newfound power after the 2020 election to launch another run for governor in the state, after failing in 2018 to defeat now-Gov. Brian Kemp.

Abrams was widely praised for President Joe Biden squeaking out a win in Georgia, and for Democrats sweeping both Senate seats in the January runoff election, giving the party control of the upper chamber.

Both her “community organizing” skills, which were accredited for significant gains in voter registrations, and her fundraising prowess, have elevated Abrams status and the GOP is taking her seriously.

But Karl Rove is suggesting Republicans in Georgia may not have to worry so much about Abrams — because he thinks she may have her sights set on the White House.


“I got a weird thought,” Rove said in an appearance on Fox News. “I’m not sure she is running for governor. I think she is running for president. And I think she looks at Joe Biden and says, ‘He is in there for one term, and so why should I run for governor — love to have an ally of mine beat Brian Kemp, get elected governor of the state with my help, but you know what, I’m running for president in 2024, and running for governor would tie me down with legislative session and a real job. I’m focused on the White House.’”

Biden would be 82-years-old in 2024, and with indications that he may already be experiencing early signs of dementia, few in America expect a second Biden term — there’s a huge faction that doesn’t believe he’ll complete his first term.

All of which would make 2024 an open season for Democratic hopefuls.

On a negative note — which may be presumptuous, given today’s standard — Abrams political resume is limited to being a state representative.

As for 2022, an independent group of Republican consultants have formed a group called, “Stop Stacey,” saying they will build a “robust state and national fundraising operation” to go after Abrams.

“After losing the White House and United States Senate in 2020, grassroots Republicans across Georgia and America are standing together to stop radical Stacey Abrams,” senior strategist Jeremy Brand said in a statement. “There is no time to waste: We must stand up, fight back, and Stop Stacey.”

The committee said it will work to “unite and mobilize grassroots Republicans,” and uncover Abrams’ “shady voter groups that undermine election integrity.”

In commenting on the group’s efforts, Rove said Abrams has a significant advantage over Kemp in fundraising, saying 501(c)(3)s and 501(c)(4) dark money nonprofits can raise serious money to help the Democrat.

“So, the Republicans are faced with the prospect of trying to take on Abrams while she has these political organizations that in the past have done everything they can to advance her political career, and so obviously these political consultants and a group of finance people have decided to mount a Super PAC effort against her,” he explained.

Abrams’ claim to fame before the 2020 presidential election was that she was the first black woman to run for governor in Georgia, and that she refused to concede to Kemp in 2018, alleging voter suppression.

“I will not concede because the erosion of our democracy is not right,” she said at the time.

Abrams was celebrated for her stance by the same corrupt media that would accuse former President Donald Trump of sedition for a similar stance.

Tom Tillison


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