SNL skit imagining Georgia as liberal blue state is meant as comedy – too close to reality to be funny

The first “Saturday Night Live” following a month-long hiatus delved right into political controversy, a hallmark of the long-running comedy show, with a sketch featuring Georgia as a blue state.

The sketch played off of Senate run-off races earlier this month in which two Democrats unseated two incumbent Republicans, the first time a Georgia Senate seat went to the left-leaning party in decades.

The sketch, titled “Blue Georgia,” featured cast members along with guest host John Krasinski playing characters who are fans of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, avocado toast, vegan meatloaf, and solar-heated porches.

“Good to see a fellow Blue Stater. We’re just like y’all,” says a small-town waitress played by Aidy Bryant as she interacts with a tourist from New York played by Pete Davidson as he enters a diner with the town ‘sheriff’ played by Krasinski.

(Credit: NBC)

Bryant’s character goes on to explain how she hates the news and CNN’s “Neo-liberal” views before proclaiming, “Just give me my Rachel Maddow!”

Next, as Davidson sits down he asks, “Do you know where the men’s room is?”

‘Yes, back in 2015,” cast member Beck Bennett responds while playing a Georgia man named “Skeeter he/him,” who owns the small town’s electric truck dealership and who resembles KFC’s Colonel Sanders. “We don’t have a men’s room, but the all-gender restroom is just down the way.”

Davidson appears surprised that there is an all-gender restroom as Bennett observes that Davidson must believe all Georgians are “crazy Christian types.”

“Oh no, and even if you are, it’s fine,” Davidson responds. “I’m Jewish.”

“I hope you know what we do to Jewish folks down here in Georgia,” says Bennett, sounding ominous.

“We elect them!” Bennett laughs, a reference to Sen. Jon Ossoff, who defeated GOP incumbent Sen. David Perdue in one of the Jan. 5 runoffs.

Perdue defeated Ossoff in the Nov. 3 election by more than two points but the race resulted in a run-off because he barely missed the 50-percent threshold as required by Georgia law.

Sen. Raphael Warnock, Georgia’s first black senator, defeated incumbent Kelly Loeffler.

As the sketch progressed, Deputy Jimmy, who was played by Andrew Dismukes, burst into the diner to proclaim how “honored” he was that a group of Black Lives Matter activists wanted to “protest in our town!”

Next, a character played by Alex Moffatt — a Floridian wearing a MAGA hate — entered the diner to a tense warning and reminder from Krasinski, who played the town’s sheriff.

“This is Stacey Abrams country,” he said, in reference to the voting rights activist who lost a race for governor in 2018 and who then founded Fair Fight Action, an organization said to have helped Ossoff and Warnock win their races.

As the sketch ended, diner patrons noted to a “health inspector” who burst in that they all refused to wear masks to protect from the COVID-19 pandemic: “Because we’re free!”

“Now that’s Georgia!” Davidson proclaimed as the sketch ended.

SNL also took on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, a freshman Republican from the state who has been targeted by Democrats, during its cold open, did a sketch on the controversy surrounding GameStop stock this week, and mocked former President Donald Trump’s impeachment as well as the riots at the U.S. Capitol Building Jan. 6.

Jon Dougherty


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