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Kamala’s stepdaughter scores modeling contract with top agency that says it is not because of family ties

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Vice President Kamala Harris’s potential conflicts of interest continue to grow by the day. Not only are the activities of her niece being questioned, but so now are the activities of her stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff.

Emhoff is a college student who just miraculously secured a contract with one of the world’s most prestigious modeling agencies a week after her aunt’s inauguration.

Prior to Harris’s inauguration, Emhoff was a relatively obscure Parsons School of Design student. But come Inauguration Day, she suddenly became a star.

Finally, a Slow Fashion King at the White House,” the headline of a Vice magazine piece reads.

Kamala Harris’ Step-Daughter Ella Emhoff Might Knit Her Own Inauguration Look,” another Inauguration Day headline, this one from Refinery29, reads.

The piece by Vice documented how the 21-year-old suddenly transformed into a person of importance because of her aunt.

“Emhoff is an art school kid; someone you could see yourself running into at a DIY punk show or at a zine fair. Last week, her stepmother Kamala Harris became vice president-elect of the United States,” the magazine reported.

“Emhoff was there for that, alongside her brother Cole and her dad Doug. She was wearing a pinstripe Frankie Shop suit, and if you went on Twitter or TikTok and searched her name, you’d find dozens of young people freaking out about how good she looked.”

Here’s how she looked:

(Source: C-Span video screenshot)

It’s not clear what about her look was so “good.”

Regardless, a week after her appearance at her aunt’s inauguration, she suddenly secured a high-profile modeling gig seemingly out of nowhere.

“One week after the Miu Miu coat she wore at President Biden’s swearing in went viral, Ella Emhoff, the 21-year-old stepdaughter of Vice President Kamala Harris, became the newest face at IMG Models, one of the world’s most prestigious modeling agencies,” The New York Times reported.

The Times further admitted that IMG’s decision to scoop up Emhoff spoke to “the fashion world’s growing embrace of the Biden administration, with its focus on diversity and empathy, after four antagonistic years with the Trump administration.”

And likewise their disdain for former first lady Melania Trump, who for clarification was an actual model — yet who was effectively blacklisted by America’s fashion industry.

The announcement from IMG provoked an outcry of sarcastic criticism and concerns about ethics from people who felt she wasn’t exactly qualified for the job — and that perhaps she’d acquired the gig solely because of her familial connections.


However, IMG Models president Ivan Bart has claimed that he’d had his eyes on her for awhile.

“Mr. Bart first became aware of Ms. Emhoff’s style at a fund-raiser for Ms. Harris during the presidential primaries. … During the summer of 2020, he and Ms. Emhoff began talking about the possibility of her joining IMG. They had a Zoom call, and she showed him her loom and some of her knitwear pieces,” the Times reported.

“I noticed her as soon as she walked in the door,” he reportedly told the outlet.

The only problem is that the connecting factor turns out to be her aunt. But because her aunt wasn’t president at the time, apparently there’s no conflict of interest. Or is there?

Here are some photos from Emhoff’s Instagram in which she apparently shows off her modeling bona-fides:


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A post shared by ella emhoff (@ellaemhoff)


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Meanwhile, Harris’s niece, children’s book author Meena Harris, is facing scrutiny for repeatedly profiting off her aunt’s name — both financially and through added name recognition — via everything from a children’s book based on her aunt to a t-shirt that was designed for President Joe Biden’s campaign.

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