Kristi Noem: Republican Party needs to toughen up, ‘self-evaluate’ for not following through on key issues

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem said the Republican Party needs to undergo “self-evaluation” moving forward after having failed to enact promised healthcare and immigration reform, among other priorities.

During a Wednesday night segment on Newsmax TV, Noem, a Republican, was asked by host Greg Kelly to elaborate on a Jan. 8 column in The Federalist titled, “The Republican Party Has Failed America, And Here’s How It Needs To Change Now.”


In the piece, Noem addressed what she believes is a rising level of frustration among GOP voter ranks over the party’s inactions on key platform issues.

“There are a lot of Americans whose frustration has been building for many years. Republicans have had opportunities to fix our healthcare system, reform immigration, and get our fiscal house in order, among many other things. Republicans have had chances to deliver for the American people. But we haven’t followed through,” she wrote.

(Source: Newsmax TV)

Kelly said that Democrats have also failed to deliver solutions to many of the same key issues, as well as others that impact Americans’ lives directly while suggesting that Republicans have an opportunity beyond the 2020 elections to make inroads with more voters by offering — and then delivering — solutions.

“Leadership has consequences, and we saw a Democratic leadership play out in our cities in our country in 2020 — violence, mobs, rioting, looting, lack of enforcement of laws,” Noem began. “That’s Democrat leadership on display.

“In that Federalist piece, I talked extensively about Republicans, what we haven’t followed through on and what we need to do in the future. We said we would reform health care, repeal ObamaCare. We have not done that. We said we would deal with immigration. We have not done that. There’s a lot of different promises that we’ve made to the American people that we just have not had the fortitude to pursue and actually get into place and impact their lives,” Noem continued.

“So, the Republican Party has a self-evaluation they need to go through. And we really need to focus on making sure we’re doing what we say,” the conservative governor added. “I’ve always watched every single president, and I’ve watched their actions of what they’ve actually put into place with policies. We as Republicans need to make sure we follow through with everything we say we stand for as well.”

Kelly moved on to former President Donald Trump, touting his accomplishments despite tough Democratic opposition before asking Noem to respond with her thoughts on his term.

“President Trump did things of great magnitude for this country. What he did on tax reform, on trade deals…his support of Israel, his protection of our national defense, his enforcement of our laws,” Noem said.

“This man got up every single day and fought for the common everyday American so that they could have a chance to be successful and pursue the American dream,” Noem noted further, adding that she believes Trump’s “legacy is going to be remembered as one of the greatest presidents” in the country’s history.

That is due to “the actual policies he pursued and the fact that he actually did what he campaigned on and he followed through on it.”

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