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Joe Biden’s odd appearance while volunteering at food bank sparks speculation firestorm

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Proving just how corrupt they are, better than any could hope for, the same media that locked in a four-year-long vendetta with President Donald Trump is gushing over the incoming Biden administration.

In addition to the media fawning over Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s number two, who was arguably tapped for her gender and skin color, Biden is drawing glowing coverage — even when a little scrutiny is in order.

One such example took place on Monday when Biden marked Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a photo-op at a South Philly food bank known as Philabundance.

But you’d be hard-pressed to know it was Joe, considering he was wearing a dark hat, dark sunglasses, and a large, dark face mask, obscuring the entire front of his face.

Biden was joined by his wife Jill Biden, daughter Ashley Biden, and granddaughter Finnegan Biden.

The soon-to-be first family joined an assembly line in the food bank parking, helping to fill 150 boxes with fresh fruit and non-perishables, NBC 10 Philadelphia reported.

Joe and Jill Biden reportedly left chalk messages in their wake, directed at the food-bank staff.

Borrowing from former boss Barack Obama, the soon-to-be president wrote, “Thank you for giving people in need the most valuable thing that can be given. HOPE”

But it was his getup that drew the most attention — not from the media, after all, this is their guy and journalists can’t get off on the wrong foot by being critical of him.

A social media user reminded us of the claims about a Melania Trump body double early on in the Trump presidency, asking: “That’s going to happen, right?”

Here’s a sampling of responses from social media users who know strange behavior when they see it:

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