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Fmr. CIA chief hypes domestic terrorism; Fox News’ Eric Shawn asks if ISIS-like effort is needed

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Dan Hoffman, a former CIA station chief and Fox News contributor, appeared on the network over the weekend to comment on the unprecedented level of security ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday, warning that the domestic terrorist threat is not receding.

Fox News host Eric Shawn noted that there are around 25,000 National Guard troops deployed in Washington to help with security, asking Hoffman if he agrees that the “greatest threat to our country is the radicalized domestic extremists, like some of the groups we saw attack the heart of our democracy at the Capitol.”

Agreeing that this “is an extraordinarily serious threat,” Hoffman expressed concern about foreign terrorism as well.

“I’m always concerned that while our law enforcement and intelligence resources are stretched thin dealing with this domestic terrorism, we have to be prepared for the fact that foreign terrorists might seek to exploit our vulnerabilities and attack us during this time as well,” he said.


Shawn asked about a cryptocurrency site saying it tracked an unusual amount of cryptocurrency that allegedly went to some people who participated in the protests at the Capitol.

Hoffman called the transactions “suspicious,” adding that that reportedly took place around December 8, almost a full month before the Capitol was stormed — this being relevant in the fact that the Democratic Party’s rush to impeach President Trump was based on him supposedly inciting the crowd into action.

“Based on my experiences at the CIA, I can tell you the internet has been a place where extreme theists have provided funding for one another,” he added. “It’s also a place where they share tactics for how to conduct attacks as well as ideology, where they seek to radicalize their followers.”

Of course, at this point, this is more speculation than fact, as Hoffman said the FBI is likely doing a “serious investigation” ahead of the inauguration.

In asking about the tracking of these financial transactions, Shawn asked, “Could it be Moscow? Could it be Putin? Could it be Iran?”

Agreeing that it’s a possibility, Hoffman said it may also be a non-state actor like ISIS or Al-Qaeda.

Turning back to “domestic extremists,” Shawn included those “peacefully protesting today, armed, in front of some state capitols obeying and abiding by state law,” before mentioning Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh to say this is “extremely troubling.”

The problem with the observation is that the corrupt media establishment and the mouth breathers on the left don’t care to differentiate between actual extremists and the average Trump supporters — the Fox News host didn’t bother to make such a distinction.

Hoffman responded by pointing to the intelligence failure around Jan. 6, making it rather clear that authorities knew something was being planned.

“The concern that I have is that January 6th was a real intelligence failure,” he said. “We had collected significant information from social media that attacks were being planned, and we utterly failed to share the analysis and make the right decisions.”

Information that might be relevant to the impeachment of a president.

After noting that there is now “overwhelming force” in place in Washington and in some state capitals, Hoffman expressed concerns about afterward.

“What concerns me is after Inauguration Day when the barriers are taken down and the troops have dispersed and the bridges open up again, what happens then?” he asked. “I don’t think that these domestic extremists are going to go away necessarily. The threat will carry on, and the requirement for us to be vigilant and on the watch as well.”

Remarkably, Shawn pointed to ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other radical Islamism terrorists, people who have killed thousands, to ask if the government will “have to subscribe the same resources and effort to those who want to do us harm who are here?”

Hoffman replied to say that countering misinformation on the internet — which he said was what “radicalizes” domestic extremists — through education is an effective tactic.

Tom Tillison


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