Dobbs: Aside from Lincoln, Trump faced ‘most vile, venomous assault ever conducted’ on a President

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs eviscerated the “corrupt forces” within the U.S. government that have worked to “destroy” President Donald Trump over the last four years.

The “vile, venomous assault” on Trump during his term has been worse than that of any other president in U.S. history save for Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, Dobbs contended during his show on Friday as he spoke with  Pastor Robert Jeffress about Trump’s legacy and the violent events that unfolded at the U.S. Capitol last week.

The host of “Lou Dobbs Tonight” argued that the nation cannot heal until there is an understanding of the scope of the unprecedented attacks on the president over the course of the last four years.

Jeffress asserted that he has “no regrets whatsoever” in supporting Trump and believes “he is the greatest president of my lifetime, and he will go down as the most pro-life, pro-religious liberty president in American history, and nothing anyone says is going to change that.”

(Source: Fox Business)

Dobbs agreed that Trump’s legacy will continue even after he leaves office.

“And it’s an extraordinary legacy all the more because of all the efforts of the radical Dems, the deep state, from the beginning almost of his candidacy for the office that they tried to deny him,” he said.

“And then their efforts to overthrow him and block his agendas throughout. He accomplished more than any president in the first year of his — first three years — of his term. His four years in office are remarkable in achievement, all the more so because of the naked, corrupt opposition of the radical left and the deep state,” the Fox Business host continued.

“I am grateful, eternally grateful for what he has done for our nation. Even though he’s leaving office for now, his legacy will endure,” Jeffress, the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, said.

“His legacy will endure” Dobbs agreed.

“Also enduring are the corrupt forces within our government,” Dobbs agreed, “who worked against him for more than four years… trying to destroy the man,” he added. “Not just the president, but the man.”

“It is the most vile, venomous assault ever conducted against a president in our country’s history,” Dobbs added. “Short of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.”

“This is a nation that can’t heal, that cannot come together until we understand the truth and the reality of what we have witnessed over the course of the past four years of this man’s presidency,” he emphasized.

Jeffress agreed, saying it people like Dobbs who are needed “to point out what is going on, the darkness, the lies that we’re going to see” over the next four years as Joe Biden gets set to become the nation’s 46th president.

“I’m saying Sunday in my sermon, yes, we need to pray for our new president,” Jeffress continued. “But we also need to be ready to push back against the ungodly policies that are sure to come. These are days for God’s people to stand up and be courageous like never before.”

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