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Mom has white sons bow and chant ‘all hail black women’ in lesson on ‘how to behave’

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With God having been removed from the public square and, more and more from our national conscience, the left arguably looks to government as their religion, relying on the benevolence of the state to provide for both their physical and spiritual needs.

This helps explain the level of zealotry seen among the progressive left today when it comes to politics — aided and abetted by social media. A level that includes children being used as props to draw attention and promote their cause.

Such was the case in a TikTok video that made the rounds, where an unhinged white mom has her children kneeling and praying to the greatness of black women.

“Black women are the reason Donald Trump is no longer gonna be our president,” she said in the since-deleted clip that included the text: “Me teaching my white boys how to behave.”

In the background, three young boys are seen on their knees bowing and reportedly chanting, “All hail black women.”

“They are marching around chanting ‘all hail black women,’” the California mom said in the video that was first shared on December 30, according to the New York Post.

Identified as Justine Champion, the mom would later explain on TikTok: “Taking the video down because quite literally, the LAST thing I wanted to do was put WOC in danger.”

“WOC” being short for women of color, of course.

After Democrats swept the two Senate runoff elections in Georgia, while the wins seemed to follow a peculiar pattern seen in November, Stacey Abrams was credited with helping deliver the victory.

Michigan’s authoritarian Gov. Gretchen Whitmer tweeted a prayer candle featuring Abrams’ likeness — perhaps the Democrat got her inspiration from Champion’s video.

Champion responded to the clip shared by New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz.

“Hi that’s me 👋🏻,” she tweeted. “I took it down after listening to some black women and their concerns. Others want me to put it back up because they loved it. Either way, I’m grateful they helped get rid of Trump.”

If you haven’t picked up on a theme yet, our heroine seems to have an affinity for the attention social media can deliver, if we are willing to prostrate ourselves sufficiently enough.

In a video shared on Twitter back in October, Champion reveled in being a “b*tch.”

“I feel like my sole purpose in life right now is to be a walking example of how you can care about human rights and still be a huge bitch,” she tweeted while holding a glass of wine.

Before you judge too harshly, the poor dear may very well be an unwitting victim of her white privilege.

Although, Champion could not be more clear about how she feels about the opinions of others.

Tom Tillison


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