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Chuck Norris ‘accused’ of being at DC rally over shared photos – Twitter goes bonkers

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Was actor Chuck Norris at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday when a protest by Trump supporters got out of hand and a small faction stormed the building?

Liberals eager to destroy such an iconic figure of American greatness were quick to react to a photograph of a man who looked a lot like Norris posing with a Trump supporter; the man taking the selfie would be identified online as Matthew Bledsoe.

The selfie was reportedly taken before all hell broke loose last week while Congress affirmed the Electoral College vote.

There’s no timestamp on the image floating around, but that didn’t stop people from jumping to the conclusion that Norris was there.

A second photo was also making the rounds online:

Perhaps even more remarkable than the alleged appearance in Washington — while the corrupt media conflates all Trump supporters with a small faction that went too far, there were more than a hundred thousand peaceful Trump supporters present to back their president — is that Norris is about to celebrate his 81st birthday.

Born Carlos Ray Norris on Mar. 10, 1940, he got the nickname “Chuck” while serving in the Air Force.

It was while in the service, stationed at the Osan Air Base in South Korea, that Norris began studying martial arts. He would eventually become the first westerner to hold the rank of 8th-degree black belt in taekwondo and got his big break in the 1972 film, The Way of the Dragon, where he had an iconic fight scene with Bruce Lee, the legendary martial artist.

The man in the photo certainly looks like Norris, but somehow we think there would have been much more fanfare had the actor actually been there.

After all, we’re talking Chuck Norris.

Of course, as a conservative, that’s more than enough for the intolerant left to attack Norris, though the photo added to their angst.

The image prompted lots of input, as social media users went bonkers over whether it’s really Norris in the photo — it appears to be a doppelgänger.

Here’s a quick sampling from Twitter:

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