CNN’s Chris Cuomo goes low, mocks ‘Mr. Bible Boy’ Marco Rubio during Republican bashing tirade

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CNN host Chris Cuomo mocked Sen. Marco Rubio’s Catholic faith, dubbing him “Mr. Bible Boy” while claiming “he’s got a Bible quote for every moment, he just never speaks truth to power or acts on any of it.”

Cuomo made the disparaging remarks during his nightly hand-off with fellow network host Don Lemon, where the two routinely offer up criticisms of conservatives while defending Democrats.

The exchange began as Lemon moved his engagement ring to his pinky finger to impersonate a Mafia don in criticizing a phone call between President Donald Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger that was leaked to the Washington Post. In the conversation, the president implored Raffensperger to “find” enough votes to reverse the state’s results showing a Joe Biden win.

Lemon ditched the phony accent and went on to praise the secretary of state, who stumbled through a Fox News interview in his attempt to explain the leak, as a “man of faith.”

“I learned about it tonight as I was watching CNN, he is a man of faith and he’s relying on his faith and that’s why he could sit there and, just, very stoically say, ‘I’m sorry Mr. President, you’re wrong,’” said Lemon.

“I couldn’t stop listening to the entire tape,” he added.

Cuomo interjected, “It’s one of the rare examples where the clips don’t do it justice because, you see in that entire hour, he is just going from desperation to desperation. He never offers one legitimate piece of proof for this secretary of state to act on, and he just gets more and more threatening.”

After describing the conversation as the “craziest thing” he’s ever heard, he went on to condemn the president’s supporters, many of whom believe that widespread voting irregularities and fraud occurred — much like supporters of Democrat Hillary Clinton believed that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election, a falsehood that was perpetuated by liberal-leaning news outlets like CNN.

“I think you nail what we have to focus on also. Look, Trump, I believe, will be remembered as the worst. We’ve never seen anybody abuse the office the way he has — not in our lifetime. But the people, those who remain, the Kevin McCarthys, the people in the House, the people in the Senate,” Cuomo responded.

“Embarrassing. Embarrassing,” Lemon said.

“The man he called Lyin’ Ted, the man he called Little Marco,” Cuomo said, referring to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rubio (R-Fla.).

After Lemon repeated the moniker, “Little Marco,” Cuomo then criticized Rubio’s faith.

“Mr. Bible Boy. You know, he’s got a Bible quote for every moment, he just never speaks truth to power or acts on any of it in the interest of his own state or of this country,” said the host.

Rubio responded on Twitter, noting that he simply passes along a daily Catholic devotional as part of practicing his faith.

“The verses I tweet are usually the ones chosen by the Catholic Church for that days mass,” he wrote. “But the fact he thinks words written thousands of years ago are relevant to current events proves the Bible isn’t just a book, it’s the word of God. AMEN.”

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