Dog missing for 8 yrs finds way back to owner: ‘I keep asking my husband to pinch me’

Having given up long ago, a Wales woman was thrilled to learn that her beloved pet dog, lost eight years earlier, had been found.

Talk about getting the new year off to a great start, Magdalena Klubczuk was reunited with her Shih Tzu, “Roxy,” who she thought was dead after the then-pup disappeared from her garden eight long years ago.


Klubczuk had spent weeks frantically searching for Roxy with no success after the dog disappeared — Roxy had both a microchip and a collar with an ID tag.

“I reported it to the vets,” she told The Sun. “But I heard nothing and over time just gave up hope.”

“Roxy” was found wandering the streets and taken to Skylor’s Animal Rescue in north Wales, the British paper reported. After scanning the dog and realizing it had a chip, the shop contacted Klubczuk.

“I was just in total disbelief. I actually told her it wasn’t possible because my dog was next to me on the sofa,” she said. “Then I realized she was talking about Roxy!”

Turns out, Klubczuk was not the only pet owner reuniting with their dog after an eight-year separation.

An Ohio woman, Julia Renee Nemeth, was thrilled to find her dog, Junior, missing for eight years after being taken during a home invasion. Nemeth never stopped looking for Junior and saw his picture on the local Humane Society’s website.

“I keep asking my husband to pinch me because I can’t believe this is real,” Nemeth said, according to WKYC. “I can’t believe Junior is home. He carried me through the challenges of my life and to have him back means everything to me.”

Here’s more of her story from The New Barker:

Social media users were cynical in their response to the Klubczuk story — here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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