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Jim Acosta goes after Trump supporters: ‘A number of us received death threats…we feel endangered’

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CNN’s primadonna White House correspondent Jim Acosta became a household name not for his reporting, but for his politically-motivated clashes with President Donald Trump.

Acosta has also targeted the president’s supporters, only to then complain that he was receiving death threats, which helped ensure that he remained the center of attention.


And now that the corrupt media establishment that Acosta represents appears to have defeated Trump in the 2020 election, they are setting their sites on destroying not only his legacy, but those who may have supported this president.

Appearing Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” Acosta mentioned the death threats,  saying other White House correspondents have also received them while covering the Trump administration.


The dishonest media hack whined about “the hostility the president was directing toward the press,” before blasting Trump supporters anew — all of this being sold as the truth on a network that spent four years undermining this president.

“And keep in mind, it’s not just what was going on inside the White House,” Acosta said. “There were Trump supporters all over the country absorbing this hostility that the president was directing at the press and then lashing out at us, as well. And in ways that made us feel endangered.”

“I am not the only reporter who covered this White House who has had death threats,” he said. “We can’t be at a place in this country where political reporters, White House correspondents, need bodyguards to cover political campaign events.”

The deception being that the media, which justifies its biased coverage of Trump by applying moral judgements based on their own self-righteous liberal political views, has been known to poke the proverbial bear a time or two.

Early on in Trump’s term, when attacks on him failed to achieve the desired results, the media began attacking the president’s supporters, often calling them racists and likening them to Nazis.

“It is just a pervasive hostility and anti-democratic hostility towards the process that I just hope we never receive the likes of ever again,” Acosta would conclude. “It’s just so damaging and destructive for our democracy.”

Host Brian Stelter chimed in to claim “multiple reporters were shoved and assaulted at various Trump rallies and events,” without offering any supporting content, saying “Trump voters wanted this. They wanted to see Jim Acosta on the lawn treated as a hate object.”

“So that’s something we have to square. We have to square that circle as a country,” he proclaimed.

What this country truly needs to square is a corrupt media that functions as little more than the campaign arm of the Democratic Party, that no longer bothers to hide its bias, justifying the dishonesty as the morally right thing to do.

Not to be outdone, CNN’s Jeremy Diamond piled on, saying, “There’s certainly a blood sport aspect to it that the president’s supporters bought into and relished in seeing.”

In addition to trying to destroy Trump’s legacy, the media is reacting to destroying its own credibility to take down the president, engaging in revisionist history to reshape the truth in hopes of salvaging its tattered reputation.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

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