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‘I’m not playing’: Mom lawyers up against school for alleged indoctrination, suit details egregious actions

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A Nevada family has filed a potentially ground-breaking civil rights lawsuit against a publicly funded charter school that essentially forces children to be indoctrinated in the “woke” nonsense inherent in critical race theory and other illiberal ideologies.

Filed in federal court, the suit against the Democracy Preparatory Academy at Agassi Campus accuses the school of basically forcing the family’s biracial son, William Clark, to acknowledge that he’s apparently a privileged white male oppressor.

“Defendants compelled Plaintiff William Clark to make professions about his racial, sexual, gender and religious identities in verbal class exercises and in graded, written homework assignments which were subject to the scrutiny, interrogation and derogatory labeling of students, teachers and school administrators,” the suit reads.

“By directing Plaintiff William Clark to reveal his identities in a controlled, yet non-private setting, to scrutiny and official labeling, Defendants were and still are coercing him to accept and affirm politicized and discriminatory principles and statements that he cannot in conscience affirm.”

Examples  of some of the content he was forced to consume may be seen below:

It’s all left-wing propaganda rooted in critical race theory, a destructive, illiberal and patently racist ideology that uses immutable traits to define people and their worth.

Clark’s mother, Gabrielle, is a black woman. Speaking with Fox News this week, she said that both the lesson plans and the hostile environment that were forced on her son created distress for him and her alike.

“I was really worried about his physical safety,” she said.

Indeed, the lawsuit notes that “[w]ith green eyes and blondish hair, Plaintiff William Clark is generally regarded as white by his peers, and despite having a black mother, is so light skinned that he is usually presumed ‘white’ by all others.”

More notably, “He is the only apparent white boy in his class, in fact, and is regularly reminded of it.”

In a tweet posted Wednesday, Gabrielle, who’s a Trump supporter, revealed that she realized something was wrong when she began watching her kids’ “distance learning classes” amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic:

Of particular focus is “Sociology of Change” — a required course for graduation that promotes critical race theory — and the course’s teacher, Kathryn Bass.

According to the suit, when Clark and some of his peers tried challenging the illiberal ideology that was being crammed down their throats in the course, Bass intimidated them.

“[T]eacher Kathryn Bass terminated discussion when students, including William
Clark, objected to her derogatory, race-based labeling. Her actions both intimidated him from speaking out in class further and was an official endorsement of an ideology he could not in conscience affirm,” the suit reads.

This fits a pattern of known leftist ideologues trying to silence any and all dissenting thought.

Not only did Bass try to silence dissenters, but she and school Principal Adam Johnson also tried to compel them to abandon the beliefs that were taught to them by their parents, according to the suit.

For instance, included in the “Sociology of Change” course was a slide pertaining to “Institutions + Oppression” that reportedly claimed the institution known as the “Family” “reinforce[s] racist/homophobic prejudices,” while the institution of “Religion” promotes “homophobic prejudices” and “right versus wrong judgement.”

“Parents have a right to guide and direct the upbringing of their children, and courts have honored and upheld this right. Defendants Kathryn Bass and [Principal] Adam Johnson personally coerced Plaintiff Gabrielle Clark’s son to change the fundamental beliefs imparted to him by his family in order to convert those beliefs to a preapproved set of beliefs by methods that make clear that in certain areas of ideology and belief, dissent or deviance is not acceptable,” the suit notes.

View the full suit below:

Schoolhouserights.org Nevad… by ProFam

“I tried to instill in all of my children that you need to respect everyone and treat everyone the same … and do what Martin Luther King said. You don’t judge people on the color of their skin. You judge them on the content of their character,” Gabrielle said to Fox.

The type of propaganda that was forced on her son is the exact type that President Donald Trump has repeatedly warned of.

But despite the president’s attempts to stamp out this nonsense, it continues to persist — and will likely only grow in scope if Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden is inaugurated as president next month.

The only true option left for the public, therefore, is to follow the Clarks’ lead and “get a lawyer,” as noted by journalist and attorney Megyn Kelly:

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