Ted Cruz coaches Trump to send Iran Deal and Paris Agreement to Senate to set them up to fail

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U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is thinking ahead and urging President Trump to set some wheels in motion in the event Joe Biden is sworn into office in January.

The Texas Republican sent a letter to the president suggesting he act on the Iran nuclear agreement and Paris climate accords in order to set up the incoming Biden administration for a confrontation with the Republican-led Senate where both measures will surely fail.

Biden has promised he will recommit the United States to both agreements that Trump pulled out of during his presidency, and Cruz recommended the president and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo submit both for ratification and force a vote.

“By submitting these disastrous deals to the Senate, we can provide advice & consent if a future administration attempts to revive them,” Cruz tweeted Tuesday with a copy of his letter.

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“Your administration has rightly changed course as a matter of substantive policy by withdrawing from both the Iran Deal and the Paris Agreement. This was a great accomplishment for the American people,” the letter  to Trump read.

“I urge you now also to remedy the harm done to the balance of powers by submitting the Iran Deal and the Paris Agreement to the Senate as treaties,” Cruz added.

“Only by so doing will the Senate be able to satisfy its constitutional role to provide advice and consent in the event any future administration attempts to revive these dangerous deals,” the Texas lawmaker contended.

As treaties, the Paris accords and Iran deal would require two-thirds of the Senate for ratification based on Article 2 that grants the chamber an “advice and consent” role. Back in 2015, the lawmakers had called out then-President Obama for joining the Paris agreement without Senate approval.

The administration ignored the complaints and the obvious dismissal of the checks and balances system. Then-Secretary of State John Kerry condescendingly waved away questions about the Iran deal during a 2015 hearing in the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“Well, Congressman, I spent quite a few years trying to get a lot of treaties through the United States Senate, and it has become physically impossible,” Kerry, who is set to join the Biden administration, said smugly. “That’s why.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham has also warned that any move to recommit to the Iran nuclear deal “would be the most destructive decision a Biden administration could make regarding stability in the Middle East.”

The South Carolina Republican added in a tweet that the “Senate should be on record” as opposing the pacts.

Meanwhile, the idea Cruz suggested to the president gained plenty of support online where many agree that it would be a powerful move by Trump if he is, indeed, going to be exiting the White House.

Frieda Powers


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