Biden approval poll from The Hill is cracking people up

Joe Biden, a candidate who spent most of the campaign in his Delaware basement, and was only able to generate a meager turnout when he emerged for a rare rally, supposedly has a job approval rating of 60 percent, even though he is technically unemployed.

These were the findings of the Hill-HarrisX online poll of about 3,800 “nationally representative” registered voters. There is no indication if the respondents primarily logged in from CNN headquarters, the MSNBC studios, or various legacy newsrooms. On a more serious note, registered voters traditionally have been considered an unreliable cohort for opinion surveys. Plus, in this election cycle in particular, the polling industry has been exposed as engaging in flawed and/or politicized methodology, which raises common-sense questions about the validity of such post-election surveys.

For the most part, Biden so far has made some identity-politics driven cabinet appointments, with many Obama retreads in the mix, read some scripted words from a teleprompter which get minimal traction online, and pushed a national mask mandate. Nonetheless, self-described Democrats approve of president-elect Biden by 93 percent (60 percent for independents) as opposed to Republican disapproval, which clocked at 73 percent, which, under the circumstances, seems low.

It’s not usual for the average American of good will to want to give any new leader the benefit of the doubt. However, this polling data suspiciously constitutes more of the same from the corporate media that worked overtime to prop up and cover up for Biden while relentlessly demonizing President Trump for four years.

In late November, Biden (or his social media handler) expressed a desire for the country to put aside partisanship and come together. Despite this call for unity, some Democrats continue to call for the targeting and cancelling of supporters of President Trump. Anti-Trumpers are apparently even trying to prevent the president and his family from relocating permanently to Mar-a-Lago when the time comes.

Blue-check Twitter is apparently accepting Biden’s job approval rating at face value. Others are a lot more discerning. Here is just sample:

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