Jim Acosta concocts story of why his creds were yanked, forgets the ‘disrespectful jacka**’ part

Believing that they have indeed defeated President Donald Trump — you don’t really think Trump was running against Joe Biden, do you? — the corrupt media is moving into revisionist mode to smooth over its four-year campaign of persecution against Trump.

Naturally, primadonna reporter Jim Acosta, with “Fake News CNN,” as the network’s often called, is involved, as seen in his response to a New York Times op-ed penned by Trump-hating, open border advocate/Univision anchor Jorge Ramos.


According to Ramos and the Times, the media should have been even tougher on the president, after all, they long ago deemed Trump to be a racist. Never mind that their fabricated reasoning was politically motivated.

Ramos boasts about the most relevant moment in his career, when he disrespected the president and was “kicked out of a Donald Trump news conference.” Of course, he does not mention standing up to ask a question without being called on and refusing to sit down when Trump called him out for it — then again, that would betray the fact that his stunt was nothing short of political grandstanding.

Not to be outdone, Acosta responded to the op-ed to regale about having his White House press credentials seized.

He recounts how he “called out Trump’s xenophobia when he referred to a migrant caravan as an invasion” — it was, in every sense an invasion, aided and abetted by the left every step of the way to the U.S. border.

“Some of us were calling out his lies, his racism and dealt with serious death threats along the way. Inaccurate to say otherwise,” he added.

The gallant behavior in the face of such evil is something to behold… except that’s not exactly why Acosta briefly lost his press credentials.

Acosta fell into disfavor because he refused to surrender a microphone to a young White House intern, physically impeding her attempt to take control of the mic with a sharp downward motion of his arm.

And while his media cohorts are willing to look the other way, social media was not about to let the “disrespectful jacka**” get away with the distortion.


Tom Tillison


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