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Australian pundits not buying American media’s mantra, call claims of no evidence or fraud ‘a lie’

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President Donald Trump is getting some support for his claims of voter fraud from as far away as Australia.

Some members of the media in the land down under are openly challenging the premature crowning of Democrat Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election, accusing the press in the U.S. of “willfully” misleading the public with the “lie” that Trump has lost his reelection bid.

Sky News host Gary Hardgrave spoke with panelists about the staggering number of ballots being questioned in the presidential election as he noted that he has “not lost faith” in the outcome.

“The United States elections are not over. Despite what you may have seen on the six o’clock news, I have not lost faith, and there is a process and an outcome,” the former politician, who served in the Australian Parliament for 12 years, said.

“Whether it’s Biden or Trump…I hope it’s Trump, we need that strength in that position,” Hardgrave added, noting that “there’s some dodgy stuff that’s happened” with the election.

He joked that the “second biggest miracle” after Jesus fed a multitude with a few pieces of bread and fish is the turning of a “couple hundred thousand votes” in to a couple million.

“It does have Biblical proportions, this cheating that’s been alleged,” he added.

Social media commentator Daisy Cousens interjected that the allegations of voting irregularities and, in some cases, fraud, are “fairly extraordinary.”

“Contrary to what’s being reported in the vast, vast majority of the American media and the world and the Australian media, might I add, the claims that the Trump campaign is making…about election irregularities,” she continued.

“For the media to relentlessly insist that these are baseless claims, that there’s no evidence of fraud or irregularities is a lie,” Cousens asserted.

“The media is willfully misleading the public as to the reality of the situation. There’s also this insistence that Trump is losing court case after court case after court case – that’s also not true,” the Sky News contributor added.

“According to Rudy Giuliani they only actually have about three cases on the go,” Cousens said. “The most important point here is that the media is insisting and insisting that Pennsylvania certified its votes and so has Michigan and in these other states – so that’s it that’s final.

“That’s not the case, votes can be decertified by a court order,” she added, saying the “buck stops with the legislature”.

“There are legs on this yet, and I am fascinated to see what happens,” she said.

In previous comments on Twitter, Cousens had noted that similar election issues in Australia would have caused a “do-over vote” and arrests by now.

The Sky News clip generated plenty of reaction on twitter:

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