Guy follows and terrorizes woman in store for not wearing her mask

In the latest mask-shaming incident gaining currency on social media, a man appears to confront a woman in a store and demanded that she put her  “f*****g mask on.” As the gentleman in the green shirt subsequently walked away finally, the woman quipped, “I know who you voted for,” in the video shared by Twitter user Steve, @SJPFISH

The aggressive man was possibly violating social distancing norms because he continued to follow her around the store and evidently getting closer than six feet despite the woman’s repeated and polite requests for him to stay away from her.

In the footage which has gained about 200,000-plus views as of this writing, someone in the background implies that they are summoning security, but the 49-second clip ends there. Prior to that, the man asked out loud “does it bother anyone else that she doesn’t have to wear a mask that we all do?”

Reasonable people can agree or disagree about the purpose of donning a mask while engaging in shopping or pursuing other forms of important business. Most everyone is nonetheless complying with facial-covering obligations required by the government or the private sector amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most Americans remain civil and calm and essentially mind their own business.

The video clip embedded below is, fortunately, an exception, although these encounters, as alluded to above, get a lot traction on social media. As an aside, some Twitters are suggesting that this occurred in a Hobby Lobby store, but the location in unconfirmed.


Parenthetically, perhaps there would be far more acceptance of such stipulations if mask-loving liberals weren’t repeatedly getting caught in crowded public spaces without a mask.

Twitter reacted to the above video in a big way. Here is just a sample:

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