Jesse Watters: Why is media not curious how Biden purportedly shattered historic records and trends?

If one were to accept the 2020 presidential election results as legitimate, it means that a 78-year-old candidate dubbed “Sleepy Joe” Biden by his opponent, who likely spent more time in his basement in Delaware than on the stump, ran the greatest campaign in U.S. history.

That’s the observation of Fox News’s Jesse Watters, co-host of “The Five,” who said on Monday’s program “if this was a clean election, then Joe Biden ran the greatest campaign in presidential history.”


Watters said that’s what he wanted to talk about instead of “big tech censorship, the suppression polls, the media bias.”

“Because he shattered decades of records, over a century of records and trends in this election,” Watters said. “And the media isn’t even curious about it. How do you have a down-ballot wave on one hand and then the opposite wave on the top of the ticket?”


“That hasn’t happened for 120 years,” he continued. “You’re saying the guy that got more votes than any other person in U.S. history doesn’t have coattails? Or Donald Trump, the incumbent, actually got more votes in his reelection race and ended up losing? That hasn’t happened in 150 years.”

As for the missing coattails, the GOP won all 27 toss-up House seats and flipped at least 13 seats, with Democrats now holding the smallest majority in the House since 1875.

Yet, Biden got well over 10 million more votes than his former boss, Barack Obama.

In 2008, Obama received a then-record 69 million votes as the first black man to be elected president. Despite Obama’s race and transformational politics, America is to believe that Biden drove more enthusiasm?

Biden blew the former president away in total votes despite winning a record low 17% of counties, reportedly winning only 524 counties, compared to Obama winning 873 counties in 2008.

“Joe Biden lost 17 out of the 18 bellwether [states],” Watters said. “Joe Biden won less counties than Hillary [Clinton] — 200 less counties than Barack Obama and still came out ahead? Joe Biden lost Florida, lost Ohio and still won the election?

“That hasn’t happened since 1960 with JFK and some home cooking in Chicago,” he added. [Joe Biden] underperformed Hillary in every major metropolitan area except Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit and Atlanta.”

Not to mention the record-breaking support Trump received, which Watters touched on while noting a lack of astonishment from the media over the remarkable feat that Biden supposedly pulled off.

“Or the fact that Donald Trump won more of a percentage of minority voters for a Republican since 1960, won 95 percent of Republican voters, won the middle class, yet still lost?” asked Watters. “I mean, why isn’t the media saying Joe, what’s your secret? How’d you do it?”

“Why isn’t the media talking about this transformation of the Democratic Party?” he continued. “They’re not talking about Biden voters, they’re not talking about this. They are not crowning a strategist like a [Karl] Rove or an [David] Axelrod. They’re not even asking Joe a question at all.”

The media response to such a phenomenal performance speaking volumes, Watters concluded.

Tom Tillison


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