‘We will lose both Senate seats in January’: Georgia GOP officials warn unfixed fraud may impact runoff

Republicans in Georgia are expressing new concerns that the two January Senate run-off races could be prone to vote fraud after state election officials extended the use […]

Sen. Rand Paul questions statistical ‘fraud’ in states Trump lost: ‘4 data dumps between 1:34-6:31 AM’

U.S. Senator Rand Paul called out late-night voting “data dumps” as he questioned potential “fraud” in several states where President Donald Trump lost the election. The Kentucky […]

Fauci owes every single parent and child in America an apology for NOW saying ‘keep the schools open’

Dr. Anthony Fauci is capable of contradicting himself in a single sentence, but now that the 2020 election is in the rearview mirror the nation’s top infectious […]

Federal judge orders Georgia officials not to wipe, reset or alter Dominion voting machines

A federal judge in Georgia has issued a temporary injunction barring state election officials from erasing data on the Dominion Voting System machines in three counties. Late […]

Dominion Voting Systems server crash delays recount in Georgia

The largest county in Georgia hit a delay in recounting votes due to technical issues amid a looming statewide deadline. The election recount requested in Georgia by […]

Dutiful press told to stand down, report Biden’s broken foot 24 hrs after slip, Trump sends wishes

Joe Biden reportedly broke his foot over the weekend while playing with his dog, prompting President Trump to send the Democratic presidential nominee a get well message. […]