Lines form, outrage builds as NM gov orders strict limits on ‘essential’ biz, closes a dozen grocery stores

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A number of Democratic governors have all but cancelled Thanksgiving, under the threat of jail in a couple of states, but few have gone as far as New Mexico, which is closing some grocery stores.

Those living in Democrat-run states could find themselves being told who can visit their homes, how many, and for how long, and if you reside in Pennsylvania, you’re even being told to wear a mask inside your own home if you have visitors over.


But New Mexico’s Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham issued a public health order forcing a dozen grocery stores around the state to close for two weeks because the stores had four or more COVID-19 cases reported within in a 14-day period, the Washington Examiner reported.

More than 25 essential businesses were swept up in Grisham’s order, resulting in at least three Walmart stores being closed, an Albertson’s grocery store, a Smiths Food & Drug Center and a New Mexico Food Distribution Center in Albuquerque, according to the newspaper. And still, Americans fail to grasp that elections have consequences.

An earlier order from Gov. Grisham ordered non-essential big box stores closed and established capacity limits for essential stores, resulting in residents standing in lines outdoors for up to two hours, according to the local media.

Responding to a request for comment from KOB4 News TV, the governor’s office said, “The state is not forcing anyone to stand in a crowded line, as you suggest.”

Meaning they don’t have to stand in line, they can abandon the quest for food and go home to empty pantries?

Republican state Rep. Cathrynn Brown told KTQE that people are having a hard time buying groceries or getting prescriptions filled as a result of the closings and the limits on capacity.

“When you have to wait hours and hours in line at the two stores that are still open, some people, they just can’t do it,” Brown insisted. “Physically they can’t do it. I think mentally, it’s taking a toll on people. It feels like we’re living in Russia right now.”

In a statement to KOB4 News TV, the governor’s office said there were still options available to residents.

“There is no community in the state of New Mexico where COVID-19 closures have closed off all food and water or medicine options for any community or group of people,” the release said. “Every single community where the virus is forcing closures has alternate stores, alternate resources. Moreover, stores are only ordered closed for the protection of public safety when the store’s staff members have an abundance of COVID-19 infections among them – surely you and everyone in New Mexico can agree that not one of us would like to be shopping among staff that are contagious.”

A man with COVID-19 told KOB4 he had to stand in line for food after the state shut down his town’s grocery store that delivered.

As of Wednesday, New Mexico has 1,290 deaths and 776 hospitalizations due to the coronavirus.

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