Lin Wood tells Republicans to withhold votes from GOP candidates in Georgia runoff over their silence Lin Wood tells Republicans to withhold votes from GOP candidates in Georgia runoff over their silence

Lin Wood tells Republicans to withhold votes from GOP candidates in Georgia runoff over their silence

A prominent lawyer for the Trump campaign suggested voters in Georgia “threaten to withhold” their support of Republican senators headed for runoff elections.

Attorney Lin Wood sent a message on Twitter to Republicans in the state, targeting GOP incumbents David Perdue and Senator Kelly Loeffler who have remained largely silent on the issue of voter fraud and not done enough to back President Trump’s battle against the 2020 election results.

Wood, who filed his own lawsuit against Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to halt the certification of election results in the state, tweeted several messages focused on the critical races that are important to maintaining the GOP majority in the U.S. Senate.

Loeffler, who is facing Democrat Raphael Warnock, and Perdue, who will be facing a runoff against Democrat Jon Ossoff, both failed to secure more than 50 percent of the vote in the November election. They are headed for runoff elections scheduled for January 5 and have been immersed in drumming up support across the state as Democrats are pouring their resources into the tight races to flip the seats.

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“I have learned in recent days that most members of @GaRepublicans are doing NOTHING to fight for their constituents votes for @realDonaldTrump. They have prematurely surrendered our state & nation to third party bad actors who are involved in a coup & tried to steal our election,” Wood tweeted his criticism over the weekend.

In several tweets posted on the tight Georgia race and Trump’s ongoing legal battles there and in other key states, Wood called out the lack of open and vocal support for the president and called on voters to hold the Republicans accountable.

“Politicians love votes & money (not necessarily in that order). Want to get @SenLoeffler & @sendavidperdue out of their basements to demand that action must be taken to fix steal of the 11/3 GA election?” Wood tweeted in another message. “Threaten to withhold your votes & money. Demand that they represent you.”

A Democratic sweep in Georgia would be disastrous for the GOP in Congress, especially if Trump is unable to successfully prove the allegations of voter fraud and other irregularities that may cost him a second term. Vice President Mike Pence was on the ground in Georgia in recent days to help boost Loeffler and Perdue on the trail.

But Wood has kept up the messaging about the incumbents and the state GOP, calling on voters to demand Gov. Brian Kemp order a special session of the state legislature.

“Why are they doing little or nothing to support efforts by GA citizens to address unlawful election & need for @BrianKempGA to order special session of legislature?” Wood tweeted. “If not fixed, I will NOT vote in GA runoff. Will you?”

U.S. Rep. Doug Collins reiterated the importance of the Georgia races during an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday.

“David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler need to be re-elected, they have got to be elected to these seats,” Collins said on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”

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“Georgians need to realize the reason the Democrats are flooding the state of Georgia,” he said.

“Outside money is flooding into Georgia right now because they want Chuck Schumer to fundamentally change the Senate,” the GOP lawmaker said. “They want fundamentally to take away the investigative powers of Ron Johnson and Lindsey Graham and others into the things that we know have been happening. They do not want Big Tech oversight. They do not want these things that are actually happening.”

“That’s why Georgia is so important. We do believe that we’re going to have our folks turn out. We’re seeing it through right now because they’re wanting to look forward to the president, but we’re going to see it happen,” Collins told Bartiromo.

“We’ve been fighting hard for this president, fighting hard during this recount, which is now transitioning to the legal phase. But we made enough emphasis here,” he said. “We are fighting back with everything, but it’s going to take conservatives.”

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